Connect With Your Breath – Body Love Meditation

Today’s body love meditation will give you an easy way to focus on your breathing so you can connect deeply with your body.

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week, we’re meditating together on the theme of body love.

And today, we’re spending just a few deep moments of presence with our breath,

So you can feel it give your body life in every inhale and exhale.

So Let’s Begin…

body love meditation


So close your eyes and let’s begin,

Settling your body into a position that’s comfortable for you.

And go ahead and take your first deep breath in,

Feeling the air flowing in through your nose, your chest and your belly.

And when you can’t expand anymore,

Breathe out, contracting your belly until the very last drop of air is released.

One more deep breath in,

Imagining the air filling up your entire body with refreshing oxygen,

And then releasing all the air out.

Bring your breathing to a comfortable, slow rhythm,

And be here.

Sitting with your breath.


Now stay here for a bit.

Just you and your breath.

With no agenda.

No need to figure anything out.

Just you and your breath.

Here in this moment.

Letting go of any thoughts or emotions that pop up,

And then coming back to your breath.



Feel the oxygen move through your body,

Feeding you with life.

Feel your body warm and soften with every breath in,

Aware of the miracle of each breath.

Now for the next few minutes, just be here with your breath.


Now come back to my voice,

Back to the rhythm of your breathing.

Bring your hands together in front of your heart,

Silently thanking your breath for the life it gives you.

Namaste, Beautiful.