Clarity Amidst the Chaos and Pain (Clarity) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will help you find clarity amidst the chaos and pain. 

Your heart is heavy with emotions. 

Deep sorrow.  Outrage.  Fear.  Confusion.  

You’re mortified by the pain and the injustice.

Bursting with all of the charged emotions.

Your mind is spinning and your body is vibrating.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the space to breathe through it all.  To honor all the emotions and give them a safe space to live and speak their words of wisdom to you.  So you may gain clarity amidst the chaos and the pain.

So Let’s Begin…


Let’s begin by getting into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, letting the air fill your chest and your belly,

And exhale it all the way out, letting your breathing find a slow, natural rhythm.

Breathing in just a little longer with each breath in, and breathing out just a little more with each breath out. 

Notice the fast beating of your heart.

And just imagine that the rhythm of your breath is slowing your heart rate down. 



Let your breathing release the tension in your body.

Relaxing your shoulders,

Unclenching your jaw,

Softening your cheeks,

Relaxing your arms and hands,

Letting your chest and belly melt,

And relaxing your legs and your feet.


Now imagine with me that there is a hot, red fire inside of your belly.

It’s fueled by all the emotions and thoughts you’re experiencing right now.

This fire is not contained, its flames are stretching and licking everything it can reach. 

Watch the fire burn within you.

Anger.  Sadness.  Fear.  Confusion.  


Take a deep breath in and as you do, notice the energy of the fire sync with your breath,

So that when you breathe all that air out, the fire begins to still.

Take another deep breath in, watching the fire expand just like your belly,

And on your exhale, see the fire shrink and soften. 

Settle into the normal rhythm of your breath,

And notice the life of the fire inside of you has also settled into a state of stillness.

It continues to glow with red heat, 

And as you allow yourself to look deeply into its layers,

You know within it lies the wisdom and clarity you crave,

Beyond the loud roar of its flames, into the heart of the fire.

So be here for a few minutes, 

Just you and the fire inside of you. 

Stare into it and let yourself receive what is here for you. 

There’s no need to force anything,

Simply breathe and listen.


You are a beautiful being of love.

And who you are matters.

What you choose to do with this fire matters. 

May the clarity you gain in listening guide your light to shine its brilliance onto our world. 

Namaste, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman