Choose More Love (Forgiveness) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will help you choose more love.

Let yourself settle into a comfortable position,

Closing your eyes and bringing your attention to your breathing.

Being here in the magic of your breath.

Place your hand on your belly,

And feel it expand as you breathe in,

And contract as you breathe out.

Over and over again,

Your hand feeling the deep, soothing rhythm of your breathing,

As your belly rises and falls with each relaxing breath.


Love lives here.

In the cells that connect as your hand touches your belly.

In the flow of oxygen as it feeds you,

In the history of experiences that have brought you here to this moment.

You are love.


Yet, it is so easy to let our egos take over.

To let ourselves get triggered by life.

But today, you can choose more love.

So Let’s Begin…


When anger arises and you want to scream, choose more love.

When someone disagrees and you want to make them wrong, choose more love.

When others judge you, choose more love.

When someone disappoints you, choose more love.

When fear creeps up and you want to defend, hide, or blame, choose more love.


To choose more love means to stop and reverse the powerful motion of ego.

Ego wants to fight back with fire.

She wants to prove herself right.

She wants to defend her identity.

But love embraces the ego,

And reminds her that there is nothing to fight, nothing to prove, nothing to defend.

That we’re all perfectly imperfect human beings with our own egos and stories.

And that we are all made from the same universal love.


To choose more love means letting your actions speak louder than your words.

To be kind,



Even when your ego doesn’t want to be.


To choose more love means bathing in compassion for yourself,

And giving compassion freely to others.

So take a deep breath in,

And let yourself fill with the warm energy of love.


Choose more love today.

And watch your soul blossom.

Watch your world blossom.

Namaste, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman