Chest, Stomach and Reproductive Organs Healing (Physical Healing) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will help you invite healing into your chest, stomach and reproductive organs.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, we’re meditating on the theme of physical healing.

And today, we’re focusing our attention on the chest, stomach and reproductive organs. This may be especially helpful for you if you’ve been experiencing breathing or digestive issues, chest pain, or have been experiencing pain or dis-ease in your reproductive organs that are preventing optimal functionality. This meditation is not meant to replace any medical treatment needed for your body, but as an additional and complementary resource to help you in the healing process.

So Let’s Begin…

healing morning meditation


So let’s begin by taking 3 deep, calming breaths in.

Inviting the cool, refreshing air to fill up your belly and your chest.

And then exhaling all that air out till the very end.

Another full breath in,

Sitting up a little taller as you make space for all the air coming in,

And then releasing all that air out.

Last deep breath in,

Inviting that air to go even deeper into your lungs,

And then breathing out, and letting it go.

Bring your breathing to a easy, natural rhythm,

And settle here,

Deeper into your breathing,

Deeper into this moment,

Deeper into you.


Bring your attention to the movement of your chest,

Watching it rise and fall with your breathing.

And see if you can imagine what it all looks like inside as you breathe here,

Envisioning the vision of optimal health and everything working perfectly.

Your lungs open,

And easily inhaling and exhaling.

Your heart healthy,

Beating exactly as it should,

And pumping blood all over your body with ease.

Your chest muscles strong,

Keeping everything inside protected.

Hold this image of your healthy, strong chest,

As your inhale invites in healing to make it so.


Now place your hands on your stomach,

Feeling the warmth of skin.

And see if you can imagine what it all looks like inside,

Envisioning the scene of optimal health and everything working perfectly.

Your entire digestive system healthy and working smoothly.

Be here, and breathe into the rhythm of it all being healed.


Now let your hands lower and place them on top of your reproductive organs.

Feel the warmth immediately melt into your body here,

Letting the vibrations of healing begin.

Imagine what it looks like inside,



And everything working exactly as it should be.

Feel the energy of optimal health infuse your body,

And infuse your mind.



Now bring your hands to your heart.

May I receive healing into my body today,

And release everything that does not serve my highest form of health.

Namaste, Beautiful