Celebrate Your Cycles (Divine Feminine) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will give you the chance to celebrate your feminine cycles.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is the divine feminine.

Our feminine cycles are deeply connected to nature. And, they are absolutely magical and powerful. Our menstrual cycles, our energy cycles, our life cycles…they are all an exquisite part of who we are and our experience in this world.

Today, instead of disregarding or even shaming our cycles, we will instead celebrate them, honor them, and give thanks to them.

My intention in creating this week’s meditations is so you can deeply connect with, honor and fall deeply in love with everything feminine about you.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


So let yourself relax and settle,

Taking a few deep breaths to wake you,

Cleanse you,

And focus you.


Now place your hands below your belly button, just above your pelvis.

Feel the welcoming warmth of your reproductive organs on your hands,

One of the beautiful centers of your feminine energy.


Our menstrual cycle aligns with the cycle of the moon.

So allow yourself to visualize the moon for a moment.

Imagine watching it slowly change throughout the month,

Reflecting just a crescent shape of light in one moment,

A full moon the next,

And a new moon the next.

Just observe these changes happening slowly over time,

Noticing the deep love and respect you have for her cycles.


Now, think about the phases you experience in your life over the course of the month.

And see if you can infuse yourself with that same deep love and respect right now.

Breathe it in,

The compassion, acceptance and deep appreciation for your cycle.


Our feminine energy has a cycle too.

It aligns with our monthly cycle, and just like the moon, means we have days when we are full of energy and lively and open.

And then we have days when we are low energy, going inside, and restoring.

All of these phases of our energy are equally important parts of our cycles.

So be here with your energy right now,

Coming inside and just noticing the type of energy you’ve had lately.

And without labeling it good or bad,

See if you can surrender to it,

And become one with it.


Your life has a beautiful cycle to it as well.

Your time as a little girl, a young woman, a mature woman, and an old woman.

Just like our other cycles, each stage of life is equally important and valuable.

So be here right now,

Fully alive in the cycle of life you are in.

Breathe in its goodness, all those things that make this stage of life so delicious.

And breathe out any stories or thoughts that may make you believe that your current stage is bad or invaluable or unwanted.

Breathe in the good,

Breathe out the bad.

Breathe in the truth.

Breathe out the stories.

And be here in this moment,

Humming with a deep respect and connection to where you are in life right now.


Every part of you and every phase of your cycles are so special, my love.

Namaste, Beautiful.