Be Kind to Others (Kindness) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will help you build compassion for and be kind to others.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is kindness.

This morning’s meditation practice is a simple reminder to walk full of kindness in the world today. And to consciously give your kindness to others.

So Let’s Begin…

holding hands


So close your eyes,

And let your body relax.

Bring your attention inward,

And follow your breath for just a few moments.

In and out,

And slowing it down.


Every person has a story that you cannot see.

An entire life of emotions, circumstances, laughter and tears that lives within them.

Just like you do.

And when we choose to be kind to others – even in the smallest ways – we’re honoring each others’ humanity.

So take a deep breath with me now,

And invite yourself to think of a time when you made a judgement about someone else.

Perhaps it was yelling at the driver in front of you,

Maybe it was a silent judgement about a friend’s outfit,

Maybe it was a judgemental statement made to a loved one about their habits.

However small or big it was, picture that scene in your mind right now.


Now image that the scene freezes,

And you are looking deep into the eyes of the other person.

Here you can see their history,

Their heart,

Their soul.

They are special.

Just like you are special.

Feel the rise of compassion inside of you for this person,

Like the tide coming in and filling you up.


We are one,

You realize,

And immediately feel the rush of kindness coming through you.



And then allow the scene to play again,

This time, exchanging any judgements with pure kindness.

Kindness in your thoughts.

Kindness in your words.

Kindness in your actions.

And notice how good it feels to be kind to others.


Now come back to the rhythm of your breath,

And let’s end with an intention of kindness.

Today, I will be kind to others,

In my thoughts, in my words, and in my actions.

Namaste, Beautiful