Allow Yourself to Dance With Joy (Joy Meditation)

Today’s joy meditation will give you the chance to practice allowing yourself to dance with joy.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, we’re meditating about joy.

Oh, joy feels so good. It’s gorgeous when we feel it, it’s delicious when we express it, and it’s so magical when we share it.

But there may be times when we feel like we can’t be fully expressed in our joy,

When the outside world may judge our joy,

When our own inner critic may squash our joy,

Or when we feel like we don’t deserve it.

But your soul is meant to dance with joy!

To leap and twirl and shake unapologetically to the rhythms of its music.

Big. Bold. Vibrant.

So take a deep breath this morning, as you practice allowing yourself to dance with joy.

So Let’s Begin…

joy meditation


So find your breath,

And let it slow you down,

As you inhale deeper,

And exhale longer.

Bring your attention here,

To your breath,

Your body,

This moment.

Just breathe…


Now see if you can imagine yourself standing outside,

Your bare feet touching the soft, cool grass,

And the sun warming your face.

See yourself stretching your arms out wide as you think about a recent moment when you felt joy.

Feel the smile spread wide across your face.

Notice your heart beating fast with excitement.

Watch our legs move and twirl as your whole body begins to dance.

Without thoughts,

Without limits,

Without hesitation.

Just you, dancing with joy.


Your soul is meant to dance with joy.

As often and as wildly as possible.

Namaste, Beautiful.