A Fresh Start Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will give you a fresh start and help you shed anything from the past that doesn’t serve you well, so you can start your day from a space of nothingness. A space that you now have to create anew.

Meditation is such a refreshing and empowering way to begin your day. So I hope you enjoy this series and come back to every time you want to begin your day with intention and love.

Sometimes we can wake up cloaked in the heaviness of yesterday.

Weighed down by the circumstances or emotions from the past.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you a fresh start. To help you shed anything from the past that doesn’t serve you well, and start your day from a space of nothingness. A space that you now have to create anew.

A space full of possibility and light.

A space you can infuse with appreciation and love.

So Let’s Begin…

fresh morning meditation
Photographer: Stephen Walker | Source: Unsplash


So let yourself ease into a comfortable position,

Making any adjustments you may need to release pain or discomfort.

And bring your attention onto your breath.

Noticing the natural rhythm of your breathing.

Focusing your mind on the air coming in through your nose,

And the air going out through your nose.


Focusing on your breath is a simple way to access the present moment,

To direct your mind from all those things spinning inside of it,

To the beauty of this moment.

To the miracle of your life.

The gratitude for the air you’re breathing right now.

The gift of this new day.



Your mind will no doubt keep calling for your attention.

Reminding you about your to-do list,

Or asking you to figure something out,

Or even inviting you to worry about things from yesterday or tomorrow.

And that’s okay.

Just notice when a thought or emotion pops up,

And let it go.

Perhaps imagining it falling to the floor beside you, losing its power to hold your attention.

And then come back to your breath.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.


This is a new day.

A fresh start.

Let yourself feel the heaviness of yesterday release its hold on you,

Perhaps imagining it as a heavy blanket being gently taken away from you.

Feel how good it feels as layer after layer, blankets are taken off of you,

Leaving you feeling lighter…and stronger.

Let your posture rise from the lightness, feeling your chest expand with the coolness of the air.

Breathe it in…

This new day.

This opportunity for a fresh start.


From this space of openness, of lightness…

Bring to mind a few things you are grateful for in this moment.

And notice as your body expands just a bit more as you picture these things,

Perhaps even noticing a slight smile spread across your face.

This moment is precious, beautiful.

And so are you.


So go ahead and take a deep breath in, expanding your chest and your belly as much as you can with the cool, fresh air,

And release it all on your exhale.

Wiggle your fingers and toes, inviting your body to come back from your meditation practice today,

And into the fresh day ahead.

Namaste, Beautiful