You’re in a Fight With Your Spouse

I had a big realization last year…that the health of my relationship with my spouse was central in how I showed up for everything else in my life…my business, my time with my daughter, my health and fitness…

If I was out of flow with my husband, then I wasn’t fully in flow with all aspects of my life…even if all those other elements were going really well.

And yet…my husband and I fight, we have disagreements and we get out of flow…the best couples I know do too! So, how do we find peace and ultimately, love, in those moments of turmoil? Those moments between the upset and the resolution that feel so painful and grey?

That’s what today’s meditation is about…finding peace during those rough moments – or even entire seasons – with our spouse. Feeling some sense of groundedness, even when things haven’t been fully resolved.

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