You’re Doing a Great Job, Mama Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation is a wonderful way for you to hear that you are doing a great job, mama.

Let it all float away, mama.

All those worries, concerns or stresses you may be feeling about whether or not you’re being a good mom.

All those judgements that may be coming at you – whether they’re from others or yourself…let them all go.

Even those quiet whispers that wonder how your kids will turn out as adults…let them go.

And instead, sit in this truth.

You’re doing a great job, mama.

And you are a phenomenal mother.

And your little ones are so blessed to have you.

No matter how many mistakes you make.

No matter how unique your style of parenting.

No matter how many times you’ve broken down.

You are doing a great job.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the space to swim in the greatness of your mothering. So you can embrace the beauty of its imperfection and honor yourself for showing up every day.

So Let’s Begin…


Close your eyes and settle into a position that’s comfortable for you.

Slow your breathing down,

Inhaling just a little more,

And exhaling just a little longer.

Feel the air come into the lungs and fill your belly.

Relax your cheeks,

Let your lower jaw release and let your tongue drop from the roof of your mouth.

Lower your shoulders,

Soften your stomach,

Relax your legs.

Feel your body melting into your position.

And breathe.


This time is for you mama.

To honor you.

To remind you that you are doing a great job.

And that your kids are blessed to have you.

Breathe deeply,

Exhale completely.


I want you to imagine yourself sitting in your favorite spot in your home.

You feel so comfortable here. You are safe and cozy.

Take a deep breath in, filling your belly with air,

And as you exhale, relax yourself further into your favorite spot.


Now imagine that your child walks into the room.

They’re 20 years older than they are now,

An adult in the world.

And they’re here in front of you, coming home to visit you, mama.

Notice what you see on your face as you look at your child.

Joy. Pride. Gratitude.

Intense love lighting you up.

Your heart is full and you hear your inner voice whisper, you did a great job, mama.

Notice your chest expand with air as you drink in the sight in front of you.

Your child is here,


And authentically themselves.


Notice that in this space of appreciation for the child you have raised,

As you watch your beautiful kid in front of you,

There are no judgements.

No guilt.

No worries about your parenting or even about your child.

They do not exist here.

All that exists is this incredible human in front of you.

And a deep knowing in your gut that you have done a great job.

And you continue to do a great job.


Now take a deep breath in, inhaling oxygen deep into your body,

Feeling it nourish and cleanse you,

And breathe out completely, letting yourself sink deeper into relaxation.


You will never be a perfect mom.

There is no such thing.

But you are the perfect mom for your child.

And no matter how many missteps you may make,

No matter how much you second-guess yourself.

You are a phenomenal mother.

And you’re doing a great job.

Let your inner voice continue to guide you through the terrain of mothering.

And trust that you are doing your best.

And that your parenting journey is yours to co-create with your child.

Every single day.


Now imagine yourself standing up from your comfortable spot.

See your child approach you with a loving smile, a smile that was meant for only you.

And feel their arms wrap around you as you surrender to a beautiful, loving hug.

Receive their love. Receive their thanks. Receive their appreciation.

Breathe it in.


And now imagine yourself opening your eyes and notice that the arms around you now are that of your child at their current age.

Look into their eyes. What do you see?

You have created a magnificent life for this little human. And you continue to do so every single day.

Continue to show up for yourself, mama. So you can keep navigating this world of motherhood in the most perfectly imperfect way you know how.

Namaste, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman