Your Life is Precious Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will soothe your soul and deepen your love and appreciation for this amazing life you get to live.

You come here to the bed tonight, dear one,

Ready to fall asleep,

Ready to close your day.

Assuming that you’ll get the chance to do it all over again tomorrow.

But let this be the beautiful moment that reminds you,

That not everyone made it here,

Not everyone was able to soak in the softness of their sheets tonight.

Resist the urge to feel sad,

And instead let intense gratitude fill you tonight.

For your life is precious, my love.

And every moment of it is a gift.

So let tonight’s meditation soothe your soul,

And deepen your love and appreciation for this amazing life you get to live.

So Let’s Begin…

precious gift


So take a full, deep breath in,

Filling your entire body with fresh air,

As your arms and your legs stretch out as far as they can.

And as you exhale,

Ease your body into your favorite position,

Deep within the comforts of your bed.

One more deep breath in here,

Letting the air fill you with life,

Holding it for a moment at the top.

Hold it.

And then exhale it all out,

Releasing the thoughts,

Releasing your day,

And settling into this moment.


Be here,

And breathe.

In and out.

Slower and slower.

Inviting your awareness to follow the movement of your breathing,

As it lets go of everything else.


Feel all those things left undone, dissolve.

And those worries about the future, release.

And all those details you want to organize, float away.

As you sink deeper into the night.


Your life is precious.

A truth the night knows well.

She knows how fragile it all is,

How quickly it can be broken,

And therefore how important it is to honor each moment.

So nuzzle deeper into her arms, my love,

Surrendering yourself into her loving care,

As she whispers the truth into your ears.

You are so special.

Your life matters.

Your life is precious.


Let the night cover you in her tender embrace,

And feel yourself relaxing into her,

Letting go of it all with every breath out.


She carries you into the magical spaciousness of your dreams tonight,

Inviting you to remember the miracle that you are,

And the extraordinary journey you are on.


You feel her gentle hand caressing your face,

And are infused with precious memories,

Pictures of moments from your life,

Dancing all around you,

Like light, refreshing bubbles.


Photographer: Marc Sendra Martorell | Source: Unsplash

Within each bubble, you can see these pictures,

These snapshots,

These moments of your life.

You see the people you love.

You see the experiences you’ve had.

You see the lessons you’ve learned.


The bubbles continue to float and dance around you,

And in them you catch glimpses of the sadness you’ve felt,

The excitement,

The fear,

The joy,

The laughter and the pain.

They’re all here around you,

Reminding you that they are all yours,

And they are special,

Just like you.


Trust in the night, beautiful,

She will guide you safely to the morning.

And when you wake to the new day,

Remember these bubbles,

These memories,

These lessons,

These reflections.

They are all a part of you,

And remind you that your life is precious.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.