You Are Worthy

I want to share a secret with you:

There is no one else in this entire Universe just like you.

And there is no one walking the exact same path you are, who has the exact life experiences you have or who looks at life the exact way you do.

You are so special.

And the world needs you. Just as you are. Now.

You are worthy of showing up in this life.

Worthy of great love.

Worthy of incredible friendships.

Worthy of financial abundance and wealth.

Worthy of being a part of the conversation

Worthy of a healthy body

Worthy of living the life you desire.

Worthy of dreaming BIG for all of it

And absolutely worthy of receiving it all

So the intention of today’s meditation is to quiet those voices that try to persuade you that you don’t deserve to show up, that you don’t deserve it all…and instead remind you that YOU ARE WORTHY.

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Katie Krimitsos