You Are Unshakable

Today’s you are unshakable meditation will remind you of who you are at your core, so you can transcend anything life is throwing at you right now, knowing that you are unshakable.

You Are Unshakable Meditation

There are things that have been weighing on you.

Mistakes you’ve made. Relationships that are challenging.

Life and world circumstances that are shifting and impacting you.

Decisions that need to be made.

And so much anxiety about it all.

But my dear, you are unshakable.

No matter how challenging things are. No matter how low you feel. No matter how much you’ve lost, nothing can diminish your shine. Nothing can shake your true essence.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to remind you of who you are at your core, so you can transcend anything life is throwing at you right now, knowing that you are unshakable.

So Let’s Begin…

woman knowing that you are unshakable
No matter what life throws at you, you are unshakable

You Are Unshakable Meditation Script

Go ahead and settle into any position that’s comfortable for you right now.

As your eyes close, bring your attention inward,

Becoming aware of your body,

Letting yourself adjust and release any kinks or tension,

And letting yourself drop deeper into comfort.

Notice any noises or sounds you might hear around you.

Feeling the rhythmic expansion and contraction of your body as it syncs with your breath.



You may be coming to this practice feeling heavy today.

Perhaps even feeling weakened from things you’ve been going through, like the smallest things may break you.

But rest assured, my dear, this is your time to heal. This is your time to reconnect with your power.

And the best part is you don’t have to do anything.

You just have to allow yourself to be.


So just relax and come along with me as I tell you a story.

A story about a girl who wanted it all.

To live vibrantly, to live out her dreams, to laugh and love and feel without apology.

She spent her days doing her best to go after all the things she wanted out of life.

But every once in a while, life would knock her down.

An injury, a loss, a wrong decision with big consequences, an event that would interrupt her progress.

Or worst of all, the deafening noise inside her head judging, analyzing and criticizing.

It would take her out.

Steal her laughter, rob her dreams and leave her gasping for air on the floor.


woman on the floor realizing you are unshakable
Photographer: Claudia Wolff | Source: Unsplash

How can this keep happening to me? The girl wondered in despair.

Why does life keep knocking me down?

Every time this happened, she would eventually pick herself back up, learn all she could from the pain and continue her life, vowing she would never allow life to floor her again.

But you know how this story goes…

It kept happening. Again and again.

Until one way, the girl found herself on the floor again, this time desperate to break the pattern.


What do you want from me? She called out to life.

Why do you keep throwing hard stuff at me when all I want to do is live vibrantly and lovingly? It’s so painful.

She wasn’t surprised when she heard life talking back.

My dear, I keep coming at you because when you are down, there’s a beautiful moment when you must reconnect with your essence, your true self in order to stand back up.

In these moments, you realize who you truly are, and that you are unshakable. You realize that nothing I throw at you can shake your core.

And it’s beautiful to see. It’s a moment that brings me great joy.

Your eyes are on fire with a knowing of who you are and what you’re here to do.

All fear and all ego dissolves in this moment.

And all that lives there is a deeply connected you.

The girl listened intently, remembering that feeling. Knowing it was this feeling that picked her up off the floor every single time.

Life continued to speak, eventually as you enter back into your life, ego returns. Fear returns. And that light in your eyes diminishes. It’s like you slowly unplug from yourself. Your inner being. You become lost.

So I return, throwing challenges your way so you can remember. So you can reconnect with the unshakable woman you are.


woman realizing she is unshakable
Photographer: Diana Simumpande | Source: Unsplash

The girl stared at life in amazement. What she saw now was not a demon of pain and suffering, but a loving mother guiding her to her truth.

Do your best to stay connected to your essence, your true self, Life said, and the challenges will feel less and less heavy, my love. Remember, you are unshakable.

So the girl stood up, already knowing that the fire in her eyes was burning bright.

Already knowing she was whole and deeply connected to her self.

And as she walked back into her life, she was overwhelmed with gratitude for life loving her so much that it reflected back who she already knew herself to be.

Namaste, Beautiful

The Story Behind the Meditation

I wrote this meditation as I sat along the sea wall not so long ago. The heat of mid-day bore down on me and sweat streamed down my face, but I couldn’t move. I was broken. Completely undone. And I came to the water to meditate and pray for solace.

This season has been heavy. Perhaps you’ve been feeling it too.

For me, it’s been mommying full time, trying to do the work I love in during naps, managing the constant flow of real-life logistics that require attention, underneath the layers of the emotional weight of all the things happening in the world. All with little to no rest to recover.

And it sometimes feels like the worst parts of me have come to the surface to dance.

Anger. Resentment. Self-criticism. Shame.

I’ve made big mothering mistakes.

I’ve made big business mistakes.

I’ve made big money mistakes.

I’ve made big life mistakes.

I reprioritize, reenergize and reshift to get back to a peaceful center.

And within a day or two, I’m down again.

So I crumbled on this particular day.

Tears mixed with my sweat and I begged for peace.

Cried out for life to take me out of this skin that I felt like I was crawling out of.

I closed my soaked eyes and breathed.

Filled my lungs with the cleansing sea air,

And did my best to be still.

You Are Unshakable, I heard.

Immediately, the stress dissolved. The pain dissolved. All of the heaviness dissolved.

I knew the voice was reminding me of what I already knew.

That nothing could shake me. Life could throw everything at me, and still, I would be standing.

In that instant, I remembered dozens of other really low moments in my life, recognizing that I got through them and grew from them.

In an instant, I got that I would be okay…that I already was okay.

Because I am unshakable.

If this has been a heavy season for you too, I hope this meditation helps. I hope it reminds you that there is nothing that can shake who you TRULY ARE.



katie krimitsos on the water meditating