You Are the Creator of Your Life

Today’s you are the creator of your life meditation will help you practice connecting to your innate magical, powerful SELF, so you can know at any given moment, what decisions to make to create your extraordinary life.

You are the creator of your life.

The magical artist who decides what colors to paint,

The thoughtful writer who decides what story to tell,

The vibrant singer who decides what melodies to sing.

What you focus on,

What you speak,

And how you show up is your choice, and colors your world.

There may be people, circumstances or beliefs that want to keep you small or less than, or trick you into believing that their power is greater than yours.

But you are the creator of your life.

No one else.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to practice connecting to your innate magical, powerful SELF, so you can know at any given moment, what decisions to make to create your extraordinary life.

So Let’s Begin…

you are the creator


So let’s begin by settling into a position that’s comfortable for you,

Where your body can be relaxed and alert.

Let your attention fall onto the movement of your breathing.

Silently whispering to yourself breathe in,

When you breathe in.

And breathe out, when you breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


BLANK CANVAS you are the creator
Photographer: Kyle Cleveland | Source: Unsplash

Allow that circular rhythm of your breathing calm you and relax your body even further.

Elongating your breathing just a bit more on every breath in and out.

And feeling it slow down your body.

And slow down your mind.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Now see if you can imagine for a moment that you’re standing in front of an easel that holds a blank canvas.

It’s big and white and you’re in front of it with a paint brush in your hand.

Take a deep breath in, letting fresh air fill you up all the way down to your toes,

And as you exhale, imagine yourself putting your paint brush to the canvas, painting a picture of your current life.

Perhaps your brush paints images of your family, friends and environment.

Maybe you see it painting where you live, the work you do, your body and your health.

Let your paintbrush freely draw all the challenges too – the areas of your life where you may feel stressed, or unhappy or angry.

And for the next little bit, allow yourself to paint life as it is now.


Now go ahead and take a deep breath in, filling your belly with cleansing air,

And as you exhale, release it all out.

Notice now that there’s a new, blank canvas in front of you, right next to the one you’ve just painted.

And notice that the brush in your hand is clean and fresh once again.

So now, use your brush to paint on this blank canvas, only this time, invite yourself to paint your life as you see it in your dreams.

Your life filled with all those big goals and visions, people and circumstances that get you so excited, that make you feel hopeful, that fill you with child-like wonder.

Fill your canvas with the colors and shapes of your dreams.


Take a deep, cleansing breath in,

And as you exhale, see the two paintings in front of you.

Your life is magical.

A precious gift.

And YOU are the one who gets to create what your life is.

YOU are the one with the paintbrush in your hand.

You are the one who can decide in any given moment to stop painting and start on a fresh, new, blank canvas.

It takes strength,


And an enormous amount of self-awareness.

And you, being the beautiful artist you are, have it all – everything you need to be the creator of your life.

Namaste, Beautiful