You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are

You are perfect just the way you are. And this guided meditation will allow you to surrender to that truth as you shed any self-doubt or self-criticism.

You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are Meditation

There are brief moments, or even long seasons when you doubt yourself.

When you wonder if you’re doing the right thing, on the right path or being your best.

If only I were more, you think.

More wise. More wealthy. More healthy. More worthy.

But no matter where you are on this beautiful journey, you are perfect just the way you are, right now.

And you’re worthy of love, respect and grace.

Especially from yourself.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to allow you to shed any self-doubt or self-criticism or guilt you might be feeling for not being “perfect,” and surrender to the truth that you are already perfect just the way you are in this moment.

So Let’s Begin…

You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are


Let yourself settle into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down,

And close your eyes.

And let’s start by taking a big, deep, conscious breath in,

Feeling the air coming in through your nose and expanding your body.

And release it all through your nose on your exhale.

One more deep breath in, inviting in fresh air,

And breathe it all out.

Bring your breathing to its natural rhythm,

And just be here for a moment,

Letting your attention settle onto the movement of your body,

Noticing the rise and fall of your chest,

Noticing the cool air on your nose as you breathe in,

And the warm air on your nose as you breathe out.

Allowing your shoulders to drop,

And your jaw to relax.

Let yourself just be here with your body.


Now let your imagination paint a picture of you standing in a bright, comfortable room.

There’s a full length mirror in front of you and you’re just standing there,

Allowing yourself to see your reflection in front of you.

Perhaps this pause causes you to hear voices or thoughts coming forth.

Maybe those thoughts are judgemental, criticizing or even dismissive of the woman it sees in the mirror.

Perhaps those thoughts are loving, caring and encouraging, eager to let your reflection know she’s loved.

Maybe there are even thoughts arising reminding you about your tasks or fixated on an issue you’re dealing with.

Whatever thoughts arise, practice seeing each one of them release from you as a bubble and drift off into the air.

One by one, extracting those thoughts and releasing them,

So you can come back to simply observing yourself in the mirror.

Without thoughts. Without analysis. Without emotion.

Just being here with you and your reflection.


woman realizing she is perfect just the way you are looking in mirror
Photographer: Taylor Smith | Source: Unsplash

Let yourself slowly scan the body you see before you,

Drinking in the beauty of its shape, its movement, its strength.


Let yourself look deeply into your eyes and down into your soul,

Connecting to the ever evolving, perfectly imperfect being you are in this moment.


Let yourself see your family and friends surrounding you,

Breathing in gratitude for the messy and loving relationships in your life.

And the opportunities they provide you to be connected.


woman smiling knowing you are perfect just the way you are
Photographer: Eye for Ebony | Source: Unsplash

Let yourself observe yourself doing the purposeful work you do,

And root yourself in feeling of fulfillment it gives you, no matter how unfinished it is.


Look yourself in the eyes and hear yourself say,

I am perfect, just the way I am. Right here. Right now.

And breathe…

Namaste, Beautiful