You Are Enough

I see you.

You’re driven, brilliant and loving. Others circle around you, marveling at you and the life you’ve created.

Not out of envy, but in deep respect, wondering how you accomplish so much, or have what you have, or make time for it all. And you feel pretty good about yourself… …until you don’t. Until that inner critic inside of you speaks the words that you can have become so intimate with throughout the years… I am not enough. The voice shows up in many different ways. When you compare yourself to others and feel less than. The anxious feeling inside your belly that make you feel like you have to keep up. The feeling that you have to “live up” to the expectations you – or others – have for yourself. A sinking feeling of wanting something so badly – true love, financial freedom, success, notoriety, the “perfect” body – and harshly judging yourself for not having it yet.

You become an overachiever…pleaser…perhaps overtly successful… Doing everything in your power to prove that voice wrong. Today’s meditation is your reminder that there is nothing for you to prove. That you ARE enough. Not when you lose the weight. Not when you become “successful.” Not when you have the perfect love in your life. Not when your kids are behaved. Not when you get that promotion. Now. Just as you are. You are enough.

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