You Are a Money Magnet

This money magnet meditation will help you practice inviting in positive money thoughts and beliefs that serve you well. Because you are a money magnet.

You Are a Money Magnet Meditation

True prosperity begins in our minds. With our thoughts and our beliefs. With our ability to connect to our deep selves and from there, move aside thoughts and beliefs that are blocking the flow of financial abundance, and expand and invite in the thoughts and beliefs that allow us to easily receive the prosperity we desire.

Because abundance is all around us.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to help you practice inviting in positive money thoughts and beliefs that serve you well. Because you are a money magnet.

This is a practice you can do daily to shift your money mindset and invite in true prosperity.

So Let’s Begin…

woman holding money because she's a money magnet


Go ahead and get into a comfortable position,

Slowing down your breathing,

And letting your body melt into relaxation.

Listen to the soothing sounds of your inhale and exhale,

And feel the expansion and contraction of your body as you breathe.

Let your breathing slow down naturally,

And allow its slow rhythm to soothe your body into deeper relaxation.


Now allow yourself to think about the words prosperity, financial freedom, money and abundance.

As these words meander through your mind, take a moment to recognize what images they bring up for you.

Perhaps you see yourself inside of a gorgeous, spacious home.

Maybe you see yourself driving a new car or traveling to new places all over the world.

Perhaps the visions that appear for you are ones of you gifting things to people you love, or maybe you see yourself easily and happily paying your bills.

Whatever visions or thoughts show up for you, simply recognize them and allow them to paint your picture for financial abundance.

What does it look like to be a money magnet? To know that money comes to you easily?

What does it look like to be prosperous?

Let your imagination paint your picture of abundance.


As you see yourself living inside this vision, just notice if there are any disempowering thoughts or beliefs that come up.

Maybe a hesitation to imagine what it is you really want.

Maybe a sense that it’s not safe for you to imagine these things, that you would disappoint or even anger others.

Perhaps thoughts that whisper that you’re not worthy of having this prosperity, or that you don’t need all of this.

Whatever thoughts or beliefs might be there, simply identify them, and on each exhale, imagine yourself breathing them out, releasing them from you.

Breathe them out,

Exhale and release.


woman happy because she is a money magnet
Photographer: Eye for Ebony | Source: Unsplash

Now bring yourself back to this beautiful vision you’ve created.

Let yourself feel good here, connecting with the emotions of what it feels like to be prosperous.

You feel carefree, generous, stable, safe, creative and joyful.

As you marinate in these beautiful emotions and this lovely vision,

Allow yourself to take in these words.

I deserve to be here.

I am worthy of prosperity.

I am a money magnet.

Money comes to me easily and frequently.

I am a good steward of my money.

My money helps me and helps others.

It feels good to easily pay my bills.

It is safe for me to be wealthy and have more money than I need.

I am financially free.

I am a good person.

The more money I have, the more good I can do.

I deserve to be prosperous.


Bring your attention to your breath, taking in a big, deep inhale of fresh air,

And exhale it all the way out.

Let the natural rhythm of your breathing bring you here, to this present moment.

And just notice how good you feel, how light, how joyful, how free.

This is you.

And from this place of deep connectedness with yourself, money flows and prosperity lives.

Here, you are a money magnet.

And you are worthy of it all.

Namaste, Beautiful