Year in Review Reflection Meditation

This reflection meditation will guide you through a helpful year in review process that will leave you feeling complete and ready to lean into the year ahead.

Year in Review Reflection Meditation

The intention of today’s reflection meditation is to give you the opportunity to pause…and reflect on the year behind you.

To acknowledge all the incredible things you’ve done, all the ways you’ve grown and to honor the woman you are in this moment.

So often we are so focused on the next goal or experience that we forget to celebrate all the milestones we have hit, all the blessings of the unplanned events, and honor the richness of the life we’ve lived that has brought us to this moment right now.

This meditation can be used any day of the year so you can marinate in the goodness of the year behind you and use it to enter the year ahead with gratitude, intention and an immense amount of self love.

So Let’s Begin…

journal for a reflection meditation
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Year in Review Reflection Meditation Script

Let’s begin by getting into a position that’s comfortable for you. Sitting or lying down in a way that makes you feel relaxed and alert.

Feel your body relax deeper into your position.

If you have any discomfort, go ahead and make any adjustments or movements you need to.

Drop into your body’s natural rhythm.

Feel the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe.

Notice the rhythm of your heartbeat.

And relax deeper into comfort.

It's time for your special reflection meditation.


I want you to take a moment to think about all the incredible things your body did for you this past year.

Did she move for you often?

Did she grow and deliver a baby? Or keep up with the kids around you?

Did she enable you to go places and see people that created memories for you?

Did she survive trauma or disease or illness?

How did she thrive?


woman moving her body in a reflection meditation
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Take a deep breath in, inviting in gratitude for this incredible body who continues to show up for you every single day.


Now shift your attention to your work and think about significant moments in your career you experienced this past year. All the big and small things that have brought you to where you are now.

Did you start a new job? Transition your business? Or retire or end your career?

Did you hit a big milestone of success? Win awards or received recognition?

Did you take bold, scary steps into a new venture that required an immense amount of self love and discipline?

Did you experience low moments that forced you to shift and change in ways that have ultimately been huge blessings?

How have you grown as a professional this year?

woman working while in a reflection meditation
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Now take a deep breath, flooding yourself with gratitude and appreciation for the year of ups and downs that have brought you to this moment right now, in this reflection meditation, appreciating who you have become.


Now I want you to think about your family life and everything that’s transpired within it this past year.

What meaningful moments did you experience with your immediate, extended or chosen family?

How have you grown as a mother, a sister, a spouse, a daughter, aunt or grandmothert?

What happened this year within your family that challenged you? Shifted you? Enlivened you?

Think about all these moment, memories and thoughts gathering around you as you identify them,

And take a deep breath in, feeling so much gratitude for them all,

And breathe out as you relax a little further.

woman and her daughter in a reflection meditation
Photographer: Sai De Silva | Source: Unsplash


Now take a moment to think about YOU. The you that is beyond your body, your career, your relationships and even your thoughts and beliefs.

How have you evolved this year, beautiful? Who have you become?

Have you left behind some shame, self-criticism or limiting beliefs?

Have you embraced more confidence, self-love and grace?

Have you lived a little bit more bravely, unapologetically and aligned?

Have you made hard decisions or taken on a lot or made big mistakes?

Can you hear your inner voice, your true self just a little more clearly than you could last year?

Who have you become?

Breathe her in with every inhale.

And feel a smile spread softly across your face, and maybe even a tear or two gather in your eyes as you realize…deeply realize…how amazing you are. And grateful that this reflection meditation is giving you the space to honor yourself.

happy woman feeling good
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You have lived another extraordinary year. No matter how many challenging moments there have been. No matter how many moments of bliss. It’s all been yours and has brought you here…to this moment. To this reflection meditation.

And this moment, my dear, is yours to create.

It’s a fresh moment. A fresh day. A fresh year ahead.

The story you want to tell next year is up to you to create.

Namaste, Beautiful