When You’re Stressed About Money

The intention of today‚Äôs meditation is to calm your mind when you’re stressed about money, and help you find peace amidst the uncomfortable financial situation you are in. And to help you detach from the worry so you can make decisions from a clear and loving place. And, to gently remind you that everything is already ok.

Stressed About Money

This feels yucky.

The reality of your finances are pulling at you

Bills need to get paid

Cash flow needs to be managed

And here you sit, holding it all on your shoulders.

Your mind is spinning with possible solutions

Your heart is heavy as you think about the work, the time and possibly the sacrifices you foresee making in order to even everything out.

All those thoughts compete with the voices in your head that remind you that money is abundant and to shift your mindset.

But this stress is real. The worry is real. The heaviness is real.

Katie Krimitsos