When You’re Feeling Lonely at Night Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you relax when you’re feeling lonely at night.

Fill your heart with the love that’s all around you tonight,

And the love that’s within.

So that as you drift off into sleep,

Those deep pangs of loneliness can dissolve,

And move through you without the weight of their stories,

Without power,

Without pain.

So you can come deep into yourself,

And sleep comfortably in the blankets of peace.

So Let’s Begin…

green grassland during night time
Photographer: Luca | Source: Unsplash


So take a big, full breath of air in,

Inviting its coolness to fill you up,

Hold it for a moment at the top,

And then release the air all the way out,

Letting your body relax.

Breathe in deeply again,

Pulling the healing air of the night deep into your lungs,

Your chest,

And your belly.

Hold it…

And then exhale the air,

Letting it release the tensions,

Release the emotions,

Release the day.

Let your breathing settle into a soft, soothing rhythm,

Breathing in,

Breathing out,

And feel yourself melt deeper into your bed.


The loneliness can feel so heavy,

The pain can run so deep.

Like a mountain of rocks crushing your hopes,

And a canyon of emptiness separating you from your desires.


Be here with it all,

Present with the heaviness,

Present with the emotions.


There is power in being in its presence,

Power knowing that even in the darkest moments,

You are still here,

A beautiful being of love,

Separate from your loneliness.

A power whose glow may be dimmed to the tiniest ember of light,

But will not,

And cannot be extinguished.


That power is love.

True love.

Love that exists within you.

Love that exists everywhere outside of you.

And when the love you crave so intensely is not in here,

Let your heart call out for these embers of love.


This love exists in the smiles from strangers,

And the grass beneath your feet.

This love whispers guidance to you when you’re lost,

And gives you a phantom embrace.


This love visits you within the words from friends, books and songs,

Filling your heart with nourishment, one grain of it at a time.

This love reminds you that you are whole,

Right now,

Just as you are.

And that though lonely,

You are never truly alone.


Breathe in this love tonight, dear one,

And invite it to fill you up where you feel empty.

Invite it to strengthen you where you feel weak.

Invite it to comfort you where you feel shaken.


Now sleep, beautiful,

Knowing you are never truly alone,

Knowing you are filled with the most beautiful grains of love,

Knowing you are whole.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.