When You’re Feeling Anxiety About Something New Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help ease anxiety you may be feeling about something new.

A new location, a new job, a new relationship, a new endeavor…anything new can bring up anxiety,

Even when the new is good or exciting.

So tonight’s meditation will help you fall asleep easily, as you release the worries, fears and anxieties about anything new you’re experiencing.

And help you surrender to the beauty of this new phase of your journey.

So Let’s Begin…

moon and guided meditation


So breathe, my love,

And bring your attention here,

Deep into your body,

The in and out of your breath.

Far away from the movement inside your head,

And instead onto the rising and falling of your belly,

The cool air on your nose as you breathe in,

And the warm air on your nose as you breathe out.

The feeling of your body relaxing into the support beneath you,

Further and further with every breath.


Listen to the sounds of the night around you,

Perhaps there’s a quiet humming of noise,

Or gentle whispers of a breeze,

Or the soft movement of the sheets on your bed.


Find your rhythm,

Connecting deeply with the motion of your body,

As you enter this moment completely.

One with your breath,

One with your body,

One with the night.

One with yourself.


A new season is here for you,

As you sail your ship into new waters.

This is new territory,

A brand new experience.

You glance upon the crystal blue waters,

Carefully taking note of what you see.

Gorgeous mountains in the distance,

Colored with greys and purples as they rise to touch the sky.

Diamonds are sparkling on every blue wave in front of you,

Thousands of glimmery reflections of the sun dancing with the movement.

The welcoming green of land surrounds you to your right,

And makes you feel a little more safe.


But you’re still here,

Alone on your boat,

Navigating brand new waters.

And you feel the anxiety rise.


All of the unknowns,

All of the fears,

All of the what if’s.

They all hide under the surface of the ocean in front of you,

And deep inside the core of you.


It’s okay that they’re here.

It’s okay that you’re feeling them.

They’re part of the landscape,

Part of the journey.

So rest deeper into it all,

And allow yourself to be here with all of it,

Nodding softly to the anxiety,

Recognizing it,

Naming it,

And honoring its presence here,

Accepting the part it plays in the whole story.


Now breathe, sweet one,

And bring yourself closer,

Deeper into yourself and the truth of your soul.

The truth that knows that you are meant to steer this ship,

That you are worthy of all this newness has to offer,

And that there is nothing that could possibly arise from the depths of the ocean,

That could ever defeat you.

No anxiety or fear that could ever dim your light.


So rest now, my love,

Deeply relaxed and one with yourself.

Completely surrendered to the complexities that make up your beautiful,

Magical journey.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.