When Life Feels Unsettled Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you fall asleep when life feels unsettled.

When life feels unsettled,

And you can’t do anything to change it in this moment,

Turn your attention away from the discomfort,

Away from the pain,

Away from all the thoughts and emotions that are causing you to suffer,

And come inside.

Deep into the stillness of your soul,

Where mountains of acceptance rise from the ground,

And valleys of peace meander through the landscape.

Relax into the solace found here,

And surrender yourself to the deep sleep that awaits you.

So Let’s Begin…

woman feeling unsettled


I know it feels uncomfortable,

All those things left unsettled.

You want answers,

Clear paths to peace.

But they are nowhere to be found right now.


The impatient child within us screams for relief,

As the adult in us is tempted to escape,

Numbing ourselves with things that make us forget for brief moments how uncomfortable it all is.

But resist the urge to escape, my love,

You don’t need to be numb.

There are answers here in the discomfort,

Clarity here in the stillness.

But you must first walk through the door of acceptance.


So settle your body tonight,

And feel your mind release.

It’s time to be here in this moment,

Letting go of the thoughts that are keeping you trapped in the suffering.

So slow down,

And listen.

Focusing your attention onto the soft noises of the night.

The sweet sounds of your breathing.

The soft chirping of the crickets.

The familiar noises of your room.

The comforting music here,

The soothing tones of my voice.

Let it all bring you here,

Into the present.

And one with what is.


Photographer: eelias | Source: Unsplash

Place your hand on the door,

The one inviting you into the calmness of the night just as you are,

Just as life is,

Right now.

Surrender to it,

The life force inside of you telling you everything is going to be okay,

Reminding you that are you resilient,

That you are made of love and strength and wild magic beyond your comprehension.

And that even in the unknown,

Even in the discomfort,

Even when life is unsettled,

You will thrive.


Reprieve cannot come from outside answers tonight.

It comes from within.

And somewhere deep inside of you,

You just know that the entire universe could be crumbling underneath you,

That everything could be coming undone,

And you would be okay.

Let this wisdom spread throughout your body,

And relax you deeper into your bed,

As you slowly walk yourself through the door of acceptance.


Feel the expectations dissolve,

And let your fears collapse.

They cannot survive on this side of the door.

Instead, waves of peace fill you up,

As you bring yourself into presence,

Deep presence,

With what is.


There is no need to look for answers, my love,

They will come to you when you’re ready,

Always when you’re ready.

So just be here,

One with the night,

Standing in the valley of peace,

And feeling the soothing wind brush your face.


And relax.


And release.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.