Turn Off the Voices In Your Head Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help turn off the voices in your head.

Turn Off the Voices In Your Head Sleep Meditation

I know they can be loud, my love,

And cause your emotions and your body to shake.

So turn off the voices in your head tonight,

And leave them in your wake,

As you journey effortlessly into deep sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


So relax,

And let yourself settle into your bed.

Move around your body just a bit if you need to,

Releasing any tension,

Any pain,

Or any pockets of energy left over from the day.


Now take a big, deep breath in,

Letting the fresh air fill you up completely.

And as you exhale, release they day,

And bring your body into deep comfort.


They can bubble up even amidst the quiet of the night,

Tapping on your shoulder and wanting your attention.

The voices want to remind you of tasks left to complete,

Plans to be made,

Anxieties to sort out,

And pieces of life to organize.

But you don’t have to listen to them tonight, my love.

You don’t have to let them take over.

So breathe them out with every exhale,

As you imagine those voices exiting your body with every breathe out.


Photographer: Johannes Plenio | Source: Unsplash


And imagine each of those voices turning into a soft, grey mist,

Floating out of your body with every outbreath.

And then invite your body to melt further into sleep.


Let them go,

As you feel a soothing warmth on the crown of your head,

Relaxing your forehead,

Your eyes,

Your cheeks,

Your lips,

And your neck.


Breathe out the thoughts as the warmth of that smoothe energy trickle down into your shoulders,

Your chest,

Down the length of your arms,

And into your hands.

And feel yourself melt.


Slow down and breathe,

As the soft, warm energy flows down soothing your stomach,

Your hips,

Your thighs,

All the way down your legs,

And into your feet.


Let the warmth cover you,

Softening your body,

And dissolving all those thoughts that remain.


You are not your thoughts.

You are here.

One with the night.

One with the universe,

And the endless energy of love that connects us all.

Your thoughts are far away,

Traveling deeply into the galaxies,

Playing out their dramas without you,

Leaving you free from their hold,

Ready to reunite with the comforts of restorative rest.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.