Turn Off the Thoughts Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you turn off the thoughts inside your head and let your body fall deeply into the comforting arms of sleep.

Come to sleep, my love, it’s time to rest. Turn off the thoughts inside your head and let your body fall deeply into the comforting arms of sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation
Photographer: Kristina Flour | Source: Unsplash


Close your eyes and invite your body to relax into your most favorite sleeping position.

Bring your attention inward.

Noticing the weight of your body on your bed.

Feeling the softness of your sheets or blankets.

Hearing the soft whispers of your breath as it enters and exits your nose.

Observing where your body may be tight and inviting those areas to relax.

Relaxing your cheeks and jaw.

Lowering your shoulders,

Softening your belly,

Relaxing your arms and legs.

Surrender to the soothing rhythm of your body,

And breathe.


sleep meditation
Photographer: Drew Coffman | Source: Unsplash

One by one, the thoughts may bubble up to the surface of your consciousness.

Begging for your attention.

They tease you with a false sense of importance,

Making you feel like you have to give into their cries.

But you don’t.

Their dramas don’t need to be played out right now.

Now is your time for sleep.

Your time to restore your mind, body and soul.

Your time to be embraced by the loving arms of the night.

Nothing needs to be done.

Nothing needs to be figured out.

Just breathe…


The thoughts will continue to arise and that’s normal.

They may be helpful thoughts, trying to manage or organize your days.

Or maybe they’re excited thoughts, swirling with people, ideas and experiences that make you smile with hope and exhilaration.

Or maybe they’re anxious thoughts, soaked in worry, fear and stress.

They could even be seemingly random and strange thoughts, depicting memories or insights that don’t make much sense.

Whatever is coming to the surface,

See if you can imagine each of these thoughts as a small glowing ball of light, floating in the air around you.

And every time you breathe out,

Imagine that your breath extinguishes the light on one of these thoughts, one of these balls of light.

Breathe out and turn off the thoughts.

One by one.

With each breath out.

Darkening the space around you as each ball of light turns off and vanishes into the night.

Breathe out.

Breathe out.


As another thought comes up, imagine it again as a glowing light around you,

And as you exhale, blow out the light, and watch it dissolve into the night.

Breathe in,

And blow out another light.

Breathe in,

And blow out another light.


What was once bright with all the glowing lights of thoughts,

Is now dark.




Inhale and feel the fresh air filling your belly,

And exhale into the darkness.


Anytime another thought comes up,

Just see it as a small, glowing light,

And then blow it out on your exhale.

This is your special space of stillness.

Where your body can relax,

And your mind can clear,

So you may drift off into deep sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful