Trust Yourself Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will give you the opportunity to trust yourself. 

You know what to do,

In those moments of doubt.

You know what to say,

Whether to whisper or shout.

You know who you are,

At the core of your soul.

So trust yourself now,

And remember you’re whole.

So Let’s Begin…


So often we’re pulled,

By the people in our lives,

Who want us to fit in their mold.

So often we’re pushed,

By the scripts we’ve been handed,

Expected to do what we’re told.


But way deep down,

In the center of your heart,

You know what is right and wrong.

So breathe in deeply,

And find the courage to act,

On the truth that will carry you along.


Trust will grow deeper,

Every time you choose,

To act on the wisdom inside.

You’ll prove to yourself,

Over and over again,

That intuition is your best guide.


Even when you’re scared,

Even when you doubt,

Surrender to what you know to be true.

Mistakes will happen,

Failures will come,

They’ll teach you more about you.


So be here with yourself,

In this moment now,

And touch down deep within.

Trust what you hear,

What you feel and who you are,

And you will always win.

Namaste, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman