Trust the Journey

Today’s meditation will help you trust the journey.

You are always in the middle of your journey.

And sometimes, it can feel frustrating.

Like you’re not getting to where you want to go, or seeing the results you want to see.

But trust the journey, my love.

Because when you keep showing up,

When you keep gaining clarity on your vision,

When you keep taking intentional actions,

The flowers of your desires are sure to blossom.

So Let’s Begin…

trust the journey


So breathe,

And let yourself relax.

Breathing out all the pieces of life that are unsettled inside of you,

All the pieces that feel anxious or stressed.

And feel your body relax deeper with every breath out.


Let your face soften,

As your jaw releases,

And drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth.


Lower your shoulders,

And open your chest,

Feeling the air expanding and cleansing you with every inhale.


Let yourself drop deeper into this moment,

Acutely aware of where you are,

And who you are,

Right now.

And on your next breath in, inhale deeply into your entire body,

Anchoring yourself in the now.

Accepting what is.


And full of love.


I know there are things you want to accomplish,

Goals you want to achieve,

Directions in which you want your life to move.

But be here in this moment, my love,

And trust the journey.


It isn’t always easy to see,

The progress,

The changes,

The tiny shifts that impact the path you’re constantly co-creating.

But they’re all here,

Moving you,

Working with you,

And for you.

So keep showing up, beautiful.

With intention,

With love,

With grace.

And let it all unfold with time,

In its own, special way.


Luz que asomaba por una puerta entreabierta imaginaria.
Photographer: Marionel Luciano | Source: Unsplash

Now bring your hand to your heart,

As you lower your head,

And silently affirm to yourself,

Today, I trust the journey,

And root myself deeply in the beauty of the present moment.

Namaste, Beautiful