Together, We Rise Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you fall into deep sleep as you image the deep connection of love between us all.

Mother Teresa said, you can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together, we can do great things.

So as you lay your head down on your pillow tonight,

Know that you are deeply connected to others,

No matter how much pain and suffering you see around you,

No matter how hopeless or helpless you might feel.

You are a vital part of an intricate web of love,

That has the infinite power to heal, connect and grow.

Because together, we rise.

So Let’s Begin…

together sleep meditation


So allow yourself to settle in,

Snuggling yourself into the position you know so well.

Observe your breath.

In and out.

Expanding and contracting.

Receiving and releasing.

Notice your thoughts.

Allowing them to drift away as soon as they arise,

Freeing yourself from their desire to stay and play.

Let them go.

One by one.

Observe your body,

Noticing if there are any places of discomfort or pain,

And inviting it to leave your body on your outbreath,

As you relax deeper into your bed.



Mother Teresa said, I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water that creates many ripples.

That stone is love.

So see if you can imagine yourself holding that stone.

Look at it in your hand.

See it’s shape and color.

Feel its texture.

Hold it to your heart, and imagine it being infused with your love.

Your deep desire for more kindness,

More compassion,

More honesty,

More connectivity,

More beauty.


Now recall those images of pain and suffering and negativity that have been dancing around you.

And as you squeeze the stone of love in your hand,

Imagine those images evolve into images of love, healing and joy.

Seeing them transform in front of you,

The energy of your stone sending waves of love out into the world.


Watch the energy spread out to those you know and love,

Soothing their suffering.


Let the energy of love spread even further out to those who challenge you,

Dissolving their pain.


Watch as that energy of love covers all the rest of the people of the world,

Filling them with healing light.

As you lie here, deeply relaxed,

And holding to your stone of love.


Now see if you can imagine that you’re holding your stone,

And are staring out onto a body of water in front of you.

Slowly, but powerfully, you throw your stone of love across the smooth water.

It jumps on the water, each time, casting ripples out,

And eventually, dropping heavily, leaving a wake of many, beautiful ripples.


You feel yourself smile, knowing your love is being cast out into the world.

And then something catches your attention.

You see more ripples in the water.

You see the smooth water being disrupted by all kinds of different stones,

And ripples small and large painting the water with their love.

And they each glow.

They each shine brightly.

And soon, the water in front of you illuminates with deep loving energy.

One that you imagine spreading like a healing salve all across the world.

You look around and see one person after another, looking upon the water, their hands still vibrating from the stone they just released.

We’re all here.

Seeing each other.

Connecting with each other.

Giving our love out onto the world together,

So that love can heal, change and evolve us all.

Be here in this moment.

Feel the warmth of the massive light in front of you,

Feel the connection with everyone around you.


“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together, we can do great things.”

Together, we rise.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.