There’s Always Enough Time Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will relax you as you remind yourself that there’s always enough time for the important things.

We worry and we stress,

That there’s not enough time.

There’s so much we want to do.

We busy ourselves,

With all the wrong things,

To live a life we’ve been told is true.


But if we want time to expand,

Then we have to slow down,

And untangle ourselves from the noise.

There’s always enough time for the important things,

It’s up to us to prioritize.

So Let’s Begin…


So release the stress you may be feeling,

About getting it all done,

That feeling of rushing all the time.

And instead take a breath,

And then a few more,

Notice the oxygen feels sublime.


We breathe to slow down,

To get off the road,

Of the rat race we forgot we’re in.

You don’t have to do,

What doesn’t feel good.

Just follow your heart within.


What more do you want?

How do you want to feel?

These are the answers to seek.

They’ll lead you to new ways,

Of spending your time,

And then you can start to tweak.


Priorities will shift,

Some things will get dropped,

You’ll start to say more no’s.

But it feels so good,

And you’ll be shocked for sure,

As time for the important things grows.


So rest now, dear one,

And be settled by the truth,

That you are the creator of your life.

You get to decide,

Whether it’s stressful or calm,

Full of peace or strife.


That’s not to say,

Life can’t feel full,

A season that’s really intense.

But always check in,

With what’s right for you,

Make sure it’s not at your expense.


There’s always enough time,

For the important things,

So ease yourself into sleep.

Feel time expand,

And the spaciousness grow,

This is the feeling to keep.


Goodnight now, my dear,

Ease into your bed,

Let your body melt with every exhale.

Open yourself,

To the safe, spacious night,

Time expands with every inhale.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman