The Ultimate Gratitude Meditation

This ultimate gratitude meditation will help you unlock the door for more, by helping you appreciate what already is.

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The Ultimate Gratitude Meditation


It’s more than counting your blessings.

More than a tool to shift your mood from dark to light.

More than a way to help anchor yourself into the beauty of the present moment.

It is the doorway for living a life you truly love.

A life that is designed by you…for you…so you may live vibrantly in joy..in bliss…in harmony.

When we regularly practice gratitude, we attract more of what we are grateful for and invite abundance into our lives in ways we cannot possibly imagine. And as that abundance comes into our lives…there is more and more to be grateful for.

It’s a beautiful, expanding cycle.

Gratitude. Abundance. Gratitude. Abundance.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to walk through the doorway of gratitude into the divine life of joy awaiting you.

woman feeling gratitude meditation
Photographer: Marty Garcia | Source: Unsplash

The Ultimate Gratitude Meditation Script

Let’s start by adjusting your body into a comfortable position…sitting or lying down.

And take your first deep breath in…

Immediately pulling your attention from the outside world into your beautiful, physical body.

Release your breath…all the way out…

And one more deep breath…

Grateful for the cool air coming into your lungs and expanding your stomach…

And exhaling it all out.

Now return your breathing to its normal rhythm.

Take a second to honor your body.

See how it breathes automatically for you.

Feel your heart thumping without you needing to instruct it.

See your legs, your arms, your eyes, your fingers, your head, your feet…

And say a silent thank you as you realize how they all work for you every single day.

And come back to your breath.


gratitude meditation done by woman
womanPhotographer: sean Kong | Source: Unsplash

I want you to think of one thing that you long for right now…

Maybe it’s true love

More money

A healthier body.

A bigger house

A certain level of “success” or recognition…

Whatever it is, hold that vision of what it looks like in your mind for just a second.

And then I want you to watch that vision dissolve and in its place, see all of the things you currently have, or experiences you’ve had in the past, that relate to this longing.

If you want a new house…envision your current house.

If you crave true love…envision previous relationships you’ve had.

If you want more money…think about the money currently in your bank account.

If you want more success…think about where you currently are in your career.

Judgements, emotions and critiques are naturally going to come up in regards to these visions.

Let those go. And just BE with the visions.

Instead, look at your current or past situations as a blessing.

And take a few moments to silently say thank you for all of the ways that it has taught you, enhanced you, sheltered you or cared for you.


As you continue to think of the blessings of your current or past situations…who they’ve allowed you to become, how they’ve provided for you thus far, how they’ve added to your life in the best of ways…

Notice your body feeling lighter…and the corners of your mouth start to curve up in a smile…as you realize just how blessed you have been…just how blessed you are.


woman doing gratitude meditation
Photographer: Tim Foster | Source: Unsplash

Now take a deep breath in…

And breathe it all out on the exhale.

When we start with intentional gratitude for all the things and experiences we have in our lives already, it helps attract more of what we want.

I honor you for wanting more…for craving more…

Your doorway to more starts with gratitude for what you already have.

Thank you for honoring that with me today.

Namaste, Beautiful