Tap Into Your Creativity While You Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you tap into the deep rivers of creativity inside of you tonight.

It’s time to quiet your mind and root your soul,

so you can tap into the deep rivers of creativity inside of you tonight.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation
Photographer: Skye Studios | Source: Unsplash


So allow yourself to settle,

Finding that place of comfort your body knows so well.

And let your attention come to your breath.

Following the rhythm of your breathing in,

And breathing out.


sleep meditation
Photographer: Johannes Plenio | Source: Unsplash

Drop your shoulders,

Relax the muscles in your face.

Feel the tension release from your arms and your legs,

And with every breath out, feel your body relax deeper into your bed.


Your mind may be wandering, filling with thoughts.

Thoughts about what happened today, or what’s about to happen tomorrow,

Or even the stories behind strong emotions you’re feeling.

Just allow yourself to recognize each thought as it comes up,

Separate from you,

Its own little bubble of energy,

And imagine each one leaving your body on your exhale.

Breathing in,

And breathing out,

Letting the thoughts leave your body,

As you melt further into your bed.


Our minds can become cluttered with thoughts, emotions and memories that can easily clog access to our creativity.

So just keep on breathing them out every time you exhale,

Breathe in,

Breathe out the thoughts.


Now imagine yourself sitting on a soft bed of cool green grass.

You notice you’re sitting in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by gorgeous green trees and luscious plants.

You feel safe…comfortable.

The sun is shining on you and as you close your eyes, your ears amplify the melodies of mother nature around you.

You can hear the chirping of birds,

The soft whistles of the wind,

The crunching of leaves as animals in the distance forage around.

You feel connected.

One with mother nature.


Sit here peacefully for a bit,

And open yourself up to the wisdom around you.

If you’ve felt blocked, feel those barriers dissolve,

And invite in the flow of energy around you.


Now see yourself sitting here on the grass,

And notice that there are roots connected to your legs, your toes and your fingers.

These roots are connecting you to the grass beneath you, to the nutrients of the soul of the earth.

They’re connecting you to the wisdom of the universe.

The deep wisdom inside of you.

Feel the energy pass through the roots.


This clearing is your space to hear it all,

To see it all,

To feel it all,

As you connect to the deep source of creativity inside of you.

So relax and receive,

And be one with your creativity tonight.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful