Surrender to Deep Sleep

This deep sleep meditation will help you calm your mind, body and soul, so you can surrender to the deep sleep that awaits you.

Surrender to Deep Sleep Meditation

So Let’s Begin…

dark night for a sleep meditation


Let yourself settle into a sleeping position that’s comfortable for you,

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath.

Feeling the air flowing in and out of your nose,

Noticing your body expanding with your inhale,

And contracting with your exhale.

And see if you can slow down your breathing just a bit,

Breathing in just a little deeper,

And breathing out just a little longer.

Letting it slow down the rhythm of your body,

Letting it relax your body deeper into your bed.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.


Let your forehead soften,

Your eyes get heavy,

Your cheeks relax.

Allow your jaw to release,

Your shoulders to soften,

And your arms to relax.


Allow your chest to relax,

Your stomach to soften,

Your hips and legs get heavy as they sink further into your bed.


night time sky for your sleep meditation
Photographer: Jackson Hendry | Source: Unsplash

Feel the welcoming softness of the deep blue night all around you.

Tune into the silence that encompasses you, interrupted by the faint songs of crickets in the distance.

Allow yourself to see the comforting shimmer of the stars in the sky above.

You are safe here.


And ready to surrender to deep sleep.


Feel the soft wind kiss your face, and notice your body soften even more.

Breathe in the fresh air of the night, and feel it as it travels into your lungs and all around your body, warming you from inside, inviting you to sleep.

The deep blue energy of sleep is here for you, my dear,

With outstretched arms,

Ready to catch you as you slowly and safely surrender to her.

Trusting she will embrace you with love and care as you release your hold on the day.

Let yourself fall into her arms.

Let yourself surrender to deep sleep.

Namaste, Beautiful