Stretch and Relax Your Body Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will give you the opportunity to stretch and relax your body so you can melt into deep relaxation and ease into sleep.

Give your body the gift of a nighttime stretch tonight, so you can melt into deep relaxation and ease into sleep.

So Let’s Begin…


So settle into your bed, positioning yourself as comfortably as you can on your back.

Take a moment to cover yourself in your blankets if you like,

And then allow yourself to simply lay still for a few moments,

As your attention shifts from all the outside noise of the day,

To the calm inside your breath.


Feel your body relaxing further with every breath,

As the warmth of your soft bed pulls you in deeper,




Now slowly bring your attention to your arms,

And slowly extend and stretch them in any direction that feels comfortable for you.

Stretching them long as you feel your muscles expand, holding it for just a moment.

And then release the stretch,

Allowing your arms to settle deeper into comfort.


Now bring your attention to your neck,

And slowly drop your head to one side, feeling the stretch on the side of your neck as you do.

Breathe into the stretch, staying with the pull of the muscles,

And release.

Drop your head to the other side, stretching the other side of your neck,

Imagine that muscle stretching and relieving any pain or tension it does,

And then release,

Bringing your head and your neck back into a deeply relaxed and comfortable position.


Now let your attention fall upon your face,

As you open your mouth wide, stretching out the muscles in your cheeks, mouth and forehead.

Keep expanding the stretch, feeling the muscles release the weight of the day,

And then release,

Relaxing your forehead, face, cheeks and mouth,

As they melt into your pillow.


Now for the last stretch, reach your hands up above your head and stretch your legs out as far as you can,

Pointing your toes and opening your fingers,

Imagining your body being pulled from the top and bottom as your body expands.

Feel the stretch align your spine,

And release any pieces of stress or tension stored in your body.

And release,

Feeling the rush of calmness in your body,

As you allow yourself to now settle into your favorite sleeping position.



If there’s any more tension or pain in your body,

Breathe it out through your exhale.

And then surrender further into the comfort of your bed.

Breathe and release.

Breathe and relax.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman