Stress Relief Mini Series – Shift Your Mindset

This is part TWO of a 3 part stress relief meditation mini series designed to help you feel more calm and centered and less stressed and anxious.

Stress Relief Mini Series – Shift Your Mindset Meditation

Welcome back to the Stress Relief Mini Series. This is part TWO of a 3 part meditation mini series designed to help you feel more calm and centered and less stressed and anxious. Each meditation is designed to be short and experienced in succession. Although you are welcome to listen to them in any order you choose.

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I hope it brings you peace in the small and big moments of stress.

So Let’s Begin…


Allow yourself to settle into comfort,

Finding a position sitting or lying down that is comfortable for you.

Sinking your body into a restful place of relaxed awareness.

Bring your attention to your breath.

Go ahead and take a moment to tense up your body,

Making tight fists with your hands,

Squeezing your eyes shut and tightening all your muscles.

And then let them all go, feeling your body relax deeper into its position,

Letting yourself feel the calm release as you continue to connect with the deep rhythm of your breathing.


As your body relaxes, your mind may be busy reminding you of the stresses in your life.

Calling your emotions to feel their heaviness, telling your thinking mind to figure it all out.

As you notice those thoughts and those emotions arising in you, imagine them again as clouds floating across the sky. Letting them live up there, white and fluffy and full, while you stand on the ground, allowing them to drift by you.

Soon, the clouds will fade away and become less frequent.

And your mind will find stillness in the spaces of blue sky in between.


woman doing stress relief meditation
Photographer: Caique Silva | Source: Unsplash

In this stillness, let yourself absorb and sit with these questions…

Is there something for me to learn here?

What creative solutions might there be?

How can I approach this differently?

What blessings are living within all of this?

For the next little bit, simply sit with these questions. There’s no need for you to figure anything out or put your mind to work. Simply be with them.


The challenges in our lives are opportunities for us to progress and evolve. And once we shift out of the heaviness of the stress, we can move into an empowering mindset.

One that allows us to feel awakened, creative and abundant.

One that allows us to move forward with grace and ease and joy.

May this be that moment for you.

Namaste, Beautiful