Stress Relief Meditation Before Bed

Tonight’s stress relief before meditation before bed meditation will help you let go of all the stresses so you can relax into sleep.

Leave it all behind tonight, beautiful.

I know you’re stressed.



Your heart rate might be elevated.

Your mind may be spinning with thoughts.

Maybe you’re stressed because you have too much on your shoulders right now.

Or perhaps something feels like it’s falling apart in your life.

Maybe stress is being caused by your financial situation.

Or even your work, your family or your health.

Whatever the reason, know you are exactly where you need to be.

Listening here as you invite yourself to let go of the stress so you can drift off to sleep.

It’s normal for outside circumstances to cause us stress,

But you have the power to go inside and find peace and calm.

So that you may get the restorative rest you need and show up to tomorrow bravely, wisely, and with love.

So Let’s Begin…

stress relief meditation
Photographer: Moodywalk | Source: Unsplash


So relax into the sleeping position that is most comfortable for you.

And take a deep breath in,

Imagining air filling up your belly like a balloon until it is stretched as far as it can go,

And then releasing into a full breath out.

Now return your breathing to its normal rhythm.


stress relief meditation
Photographer: Sam Marx | Source: Unsplash

Let your attention observe where your body feels tension or pain right now.

In your shoulders?

Or your stomach?

In your feet?

Your jaw and cheeks?

Wherever it is, draw your attention onto it.

Imagine with every breath out, that part of your body softens.

Breathe in fresh air…

Breathe out the tension.

Breathe in relief…

Breathe out the stress…


Feel your jaw unclench.

Your forehead and your cheeks soften.

Your shoulders drop.

Your stomach melt.

Your legs and your feet relax.

Relieve your body from the stress.


Now imagine yourself surrounded by a white bubble.

A bubble that completely envelopes you, like a womb.

You are comfortable in this bubble.

Safe, happy, perfect…just as you are.

You feel completely calm and peaceful.

And you know that nothing can shake you here.

Nothing from the outside world, no matter how stressful, can harm you.

You are peace.

You are love.

You are light.


If any stressful thoughts enter your mind, just notice them,

And one by one…let them go.

Breathe them out with every exhale,

And feel your body relax deeper into sleep.

Exhale and release.

Exhale and relax.


You are peaceful. Calm. Wise. Centered. Whole.

And no matter how great the storm is around you, no matter how stressful the situation is you’re experiencing,

You can handle it with ease, with confidence…and with love.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful