Stand Confidently in Your Light: A Meditation for Moments of Self-Doubt

You are a powerful being of light!

And you have unique gifts of love to bring to the world.

And you know it.

You have touched the depths of your power. You have felt the warmth of your light. You have witnessed the beauty of your specialness impact yourself and others around you.

And yet…

There are moments…sometimes long seasons…where you doubt yourself. Where you allow yourself to stay small. Where you shrink with confusion, self-doubt, fear and uncertainty.

And that’s okay.

But you are not meant to shrink. You are not meant to be dim.

You are meant to live confidently in your light.

You are meant to glow.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to reconnect you with your light…with your power…so you can shift from self-doubt into confidence.

So you can confidently stand in your light! Because, my love…your light is needed in this world!

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Katie Krimitsos