Soothing Affirmations to Help You Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation is full of soothing affirmations that will help you sleep.

Lay your head down, sweet love,

It’s time to rest.

Time to let your body relax,

And your mind to clear.

Time to sink into the depths of sleep,

As the soothing affirmations carry you into the night.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Breathe deeply,

And exhale completely.

Slowing down your body with the easy rhythm of your breath,

Slowing down your mind as you come here, into the night.


And let go of the day.

Let it all dissolve from you,

As you bring yourself here.


My body is ready to relax.

My mind is clear and peaceful.

Falling asleep is easy and natural for me.


I am grateful at the end of this day, no matter what it was.

I feel calm and whole.

I let go of my worries with every exhale.

My body is getting deeply relaxed.


I am safe right now.

I am loved by others.

It is safe for me to release, relax and fall deeply into sleep.


I will enjoy a full night’s rest and feel rejuvenated when I wake up.

My eyes and my body are getting heavy.

I am grateful for my health.


I am easily falling into deep sleep, and am ready for good dreams to come.

I release all anxieties with every breath out.

I am worthy of beautiful rest and to sleep easily throughout the night.


I invite my body and mind to be restored by sleep, so I can wake up full of energy and light.

I am deeply relaxed and melting further into my bed with every breath out.

I have lived a full day, and I deserve a good night’s rest.


There is nothing for me to do right now, my mind is clear and my body is soft with sleep.

The soothing rhythm of my body easily lulls me to sleep.

I let go of anything left unfinished today, and easily drift off to sleep.


Any fear within me is dissolving.

I am worthy of love.

I am extraordinary.


I am perfectly imperfect, always learning, and doing my best.

I attract loving and respectful people into my life.

I am deeply relaxed and settling easily into sleep.


I am exactly where I need to be right now, worthy of everything I have and more.

I welcome total abundance into my life.

Money comes to me easily.


I open my heart to others with ease, and am shown deep love in return.

I release all emotions and thoughts, and peacefully melt into sleep.

I will wake up fresh and refilled.


I deserve to receive love.

Anything I can dream about, I can manifest.

I am at peace with myself and the universe.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.