Sleep Meditation Mini Series – Music to Fall Asleep

Tonight’s sleep meditation music will slowly lull you into dreamland. I’ll begin with a little guidance and then allow the music to lead you into the comfort of peaceful sleep.

Sleep Meditation Mini Series – Music to Fall Asleep

Welcome back to the Sleep Meditation Mini Series. This is the third and final part of this series. I hope you’ve been enjoying these sleep meditations and that they’ve been helping you ease into sleep each night.

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So Let’s Begin…

nighttime sleep meditation music


Close your eyes and allow yourself to settle into your favorite sleeping position.

Let your attention come onto your breath,

And take one big, deep breath in, expanding your belly, filing it with fresh air,

And then breathe that air all out to the very end of your breath.

Let your breathing settle into its natural rhythm,

And imagine that your body is slowly melting into your bed,

As you allow your body to relax and release,

Relax and release.

Your dreams await you, beautiful.

Let yourself surrender to the sleep that awaits you.

And let the music carry you into its arms.


Sweet dreams…

Namaste, Beautiful