Sleep Meditation for Moms

Tonight’s sleep meditation will give you a chance to take care of yourself mama.

Lay your head down with tenderness tonight, mama, and let it all go.

You’ve given it all today,

And now, it’s time to be comforted by the waves of deep sleep.

Let them care for you the way you’ve cared for others.

So Let’s Begin…


So fall into your bed,

Becoming aware of the softness of the blankets and pillows caressing you.

Feel their comforting warmth,

And let them welcome you here,

To the doorways of deep rest.


Find your breath,

And bring your attention inward.

Slowing down your breathing as you imagine the air entering and exiting your body.

Feel your chest and belly rise as you inhale,

And contract as you exhale.


And exhale.

Slowing down your breathing,

Slowing down your thoughts,

Slowing down your body.



Release your jaw,

And breathe out the tension.

Lower your shoulders,

And let go of the stress.

Soften your legs,

And dissolve the day.



You are a phenomenal mom, my love.

You are doing the deep and meaningful work of caring for another human being,

A profound and lifelong act of love that can often be overshadowed by the dirty diapers or tough teenager talks.

So relax your body with pride tonight, mama,

And feel the love seep into your bones.


There are countless mistakes,

And so many imperfections,

But you still show up with love,

And that’s what makes you great.

So rest tonight, my love,

Covered in the blankets of knowing that you are an incredible mother.

That you radiate love from your soul out into the beings around you.

And that even your ugliest moments and your darkest faults are a part of your greatness.


And feel the calming waves of confident peace settle inside of you.


Let the thoughts float away.

Let the worries disappear.

Let the planning dissolve.

And be here with yourself.

Connected to your heart.


Feel your heart relax and open up,

Welcoming the love and wisdom from generations of mothers,

Who are here with you,

Holding your hand,

Walking next to you on this journey.

You’re doing a great job, mama.

You hear them whisper…

You are enough.

Keep going.

Keep showing up.

Always learning,

Always loving,

Always evolving.


Feel the warm and comforting hands of the worlds’ mothers on your body as you sink deeper into your bed.

And let them guide you on your journey into sleep tonight.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman