Sleep Deeply and Awaken to a New Beginning

Tonight’s sleep deeply meditation will help you sleep deeply tonight, so you can awaken to a new, fresh beginning tomorrow morning.

Lay down your head,

And put your mind to rest.

The night is inviting you to sleep deeply tonight, my love,

So you can awaken to a new, fresh beginning tomorrow morning.

Where the weight of today has vanished and anything is possible.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep deeply
Photographer: Andalucía Andaluía | Source: Unsplash


So gently ease yourself into your most favorite sleeping position,

Squeezing your eyes shut tight for just a few seconds,

One, two, three…

And then release the tension and relax,

Feeling the weight of your eyelids gently soften your face.

Now take a deep breath in,

Filling up your belly with air,

And then holding it for just a few seconds.

Hold it.

And then exhale,

Releasing the air, releasing the tension, releasing the day.


sleep deeply
Photographer: Jason Blackeye | Source: Unsplash

Find your breath.

Let yourself follow it,

In and out.

Expanding and contracting.

Cleansing and releasing.

Surrender to it,

The rhythmic motion of air,

Like the waves of the ocean dancing with the beach,

Rising and covering the sand,

And then retracting and releasing its hold.

Breathing in,

Breathing out.



Everything that you’re holding onto right now,

All those thoughts,




Breathe them out every time you exhale.

They do not belong here.

They have no power in this moment.

It’s only you,

And your breath.

So breathe them out,

And let them go.


Feel a space slowly open up inside,

A space with no past,

A space with no expectations,

A space with no boundaries.

And see if you can feel this space expand just a bit more with every new breath in.

Breathe out and release,

Breathe in and expand.


Melt deeper into your bed,

And feel the spaciousness inside of you grow,

Making room for tomorrow’s new beginning.

A chance to wake up to a fresh, clean slate.

Anything is possible here.

Nothing from the past can imprison you,

Nothing from the future can scare you,

Let that all go,

And be here now with the lightness of this space inside,

Where new beginnings abound.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful