Shield Yourself From Toxic People

Someone is stealing your light.

Slowly drowning you in their negativity, which makes you tired, confused and unable to shine as you normally do.

You are being impacted by a toxic person.

And it’s not ok.

This person may or may not be be doing it deliberately, but nevertheless, their sarcasm, or passive aggressive comments or outright slanderous words or actions towards you have taken you out of your high vibrational state and are dragging you under.

You feel horrible.




Even depressed.

So the intention of today’s guided meditation is to reclaim your light and positivity by shielding yourself from toxic people.

We cannot control others actions…but you can control how you respond to those actions.

So let today’s meditation be a tool for you to use every time you need to extract someone else’s toxicity from you and return to your rightful place as a luminescent being of beauty.

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Katie Krimitsos