Set Intentions for Tomorrow and Ease Into Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you set your intentions for tomorrow so you can ease into sleep.

As you bring your day to a close, spend a little time with me to set your intentions for tomorrow. So you can ease into sleep ready to wake up to the most amazing day.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation
Photographer: Melissa Cassar | Source: Unsplash


So let’s begin by taking three deep breaths.

Breathing in through your nose as it fills your belly like a balloon

And breathing out through your nose all the way till the last bit of air escapes you.

Breathe in deep again,

Breathe out all the way.

One more deep breath in,

And exhale out.

Now let your breathing return to its normal rhythm,

And just be here for a bit.

Feeling calming waves relax your body further on each breath out.


sleep meditation
Photographer: Guilherme Stecanella | Source: Unsplash

Now see if you can imagine yourself in a room.

The walls are white and bare.

There is no furniture.

No decor.

It’s empty.

The windows are open and allowing the warm sunlight to flood in.

It is a brand new room, full of possibilities and potential.

And it’s up to you to invite in anything you could possibly want.

So you take a deep breath in…

And open the door.

What do you see?

What is it you want to invite in tomorrow?


Maybe you envision words,

Like love, joy, freedom, health, laughter or prosperity.

Invite them in.

Maybe you envision a person – a person who may represent something for you.

Invite them in.

Perhaps you see yourself having achieved a goal or completed important tasks. You’re proud, vibrant and shining.

Invite her in.

Keep breathing as you continue to open the door and invite in what you see…what you want to bring into your tomorrow.


Now look around your room.

It is no longer plain and white. It is colorful and full of every word, person, vision and goal you invited in.

These are your intentions. This is your vision. This is your tomorrow. That you get to create.

Now take a deep breath in as you see yourself lying down in the middle of this full room.

Feel the peace. Feel the gratitude. Feel the calm.


Your tomorrow is here, waiting for you with love.

And now, you can float into the depths of sleep,

Trusting her to carry you there.

So surrender, my love,

Relax your body,

Feel it melt into your bed.

And notice the quiet of your mind,

The space of nothingness ready for deep sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful