Serenity Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you relax into the arms of sleep tonight, as you call upon the blankets of serenity to cover you with their deep peace.

Relax into the arms of sleep tonight, my love, as you call upon the blankets of serenity to cover you with their deep peace.

So Let’s Begin…



Let the weight of sleep gently bring your eyes to a close,

As you allow your body to move and adjust,

Until you find the position your body knows so well.

When you’ve settled there,

Take a deep breath in,

Signaling to your mind that you’re ready for sleep,

And as you exhale, release the day,

And invite your body to drop even further into comfort.


Be here with your breath.

With the gentle breezes going in and out of your nose.

With the rising and falling of your belly.

With the smooth rhythm slowing you down.



Let your breath lead you into the stillness,

Down to the banks of the calming river of serenity that runs within you.

Listen to the soft chatter of the running water as it flows downstream.

And see the clear blue waters glisten.


You are untouched here,

Protected from the worries, responsibilities and tasks that want to enter.

They cannot live here.

Cannot reach your soul.

This is your sanctuary.

So breathe out and let your hold on them all dissolve into the night,

As you rest here in the river of serenity.


sleep meditation
Photographer: Jack Anstey | Source: Unsplash

Dip your toes into the soothing water of your river.

Feeling relaxed,


And cleansed.


Feel the water trickle past your legs,

Carrying away anything unsettled within you.

Watch it all float downstream,

As you call your body to melt further into sleep.


Feel yourself submerging into the river,

Laying your head back and floating your body into the night.


The water holds your head so gently here,

Silently assuring you that you are loved and cared for,

And that you can trust it to carry you through the caverns of deep, restorative rest.

So breathe,

And surrender.


Let the water carry you,

And feel your body melt into the rhythms of her flow.

Letting the soft currents of the river gently move you downstream,

Over the smooth rocks,

Around the refreshing bubbles,

And past the swirling pools.

Let go,

And let the water take you on your journey of serenity.


Let the day dissolve,

Let the worries release.

As you float into the heart of peaceful sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.