Self-Love Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will fill you with deep self-love while you sleep.

Relax and let yourself float in the deep seas of self-love as you dream tonight.

Without conditions. Without limits. With an immense amount of grace and tenderness.

Covered in a deep knowing of just how phenomenal you are.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Let yourself settle, inviting your body to relax into your favorite sleeping position.

Go ahead and move around if you need to,

Releasing any tension or energy from the day,

And then when you’re ready,

Exhale deeply, and relax deeper into your bed.


Come inward,

Listen the soft songs of your breathing,

In your nose and out your nose.

Breathing in,

And breathing out.

Feeling the rise and fall of your chest as you inhale,

And exhale.

Inhale and exhale.

Noticing your body slowly relaxing,

Your shoulders,

Your jaw,

Your arms,

Your chest,

Your legs,

Your hands and your feet.



Imagine with me that you’re standing in a patch of soft, green grass.

You’re alone. Safe.

You can smell the fresh scent of flowers and earth all around you,

And feel the sun warming your skin.


You stand here naked in this safe space,

And the air feels marvelous as it dances on your skin.

Take a deep breath in, letting the fresh air fill your chest and expand your belly,

And as you exhale, just let yourself melt deeper into your bed.


You see the clouds slowly roll in and feel little droplets of rain starting to hit your skin.

The raindrops are just a little cool and so refreshing.

So you let your head fall back, your arms stretch out to the side,

And open yourself to receive the rain.

And as you feel the raindrops on your body, let yourself receive the words you hear from inside of you. And let them shower you with love, just like the raindrops.

I love you.

You are extraordinary.

I love your body.

I love your laugh.

And I love your tears.

I love your ambition.

And your desire for ease.

I love your ideas.

And your kind heart.

I love your mistakes.

And all of your dark parts.

I love you,

Just the way you are,


Here you are, beautiful. Naked. Beautifully imperfect.

And covered in raindrops of love from yourself.

You are worthy of every word. Every drop.

Just the way you are.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful