Self-Love Meditation Mini Series – You Are Worthy

Today’s self-love meditation mini series will give you the space to marinate in your deep worthiness and to extinguish any subconscious beliefs that want to tell you otherwise.

You are worthy of anything you could possibly want.

No matter what’s happened in your past,

Or what others have told you,

Or what you may have even told yourself.

You deserve it all.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the space to marinate in your deep worthiness and to extinguish any subconscious beliefs that want to tell you otherwise.

So Let’s Begin…

self-love meditation


So relax into a comfortable position,

Inviting your body to settle into a space where you can be calm and alert.

If you haven’t already, close your eyes,

And notice that as you do, your other senses become heightened.

You’re more aware of the sounds around you,

The cadence of your breath,

The sensation of your body against the floor or chair or bed that’s supporting it.

Just breathe…


woman doing self-love meditation
Photographer: Slava | Source: Unsplash

Invite your body to slow down,

Your breathing to elongate its rhythm,

Your shoulders to relax,

And eyes to get heavy.


Be here now in this self-love meditation

Surrendering to the power of your body to bring you to the present moment.

Letting go of the thoughts and emotions that want to distract you.

And just breathe…


They’ve told you that only perfection deserves the best.

That your hair or your legs or your loudness disqualifies you from your dreams.

Those dreams that the little girl inside of you is always creating.

Those dreams of soul connecting love.

Those dreams of total body freedom.

Those dreams of sharing your gifts,

Fulfilling wealth, health and inner joy.


They’ve told you that because you have scars from your past,

Or you don’t fit a certain mold,

That these dreams cannot be yours.

Or worse – that they have limits.

They’ve given you scripts to follow,

So you can stay safe in the story they’ve created for you.



They’ve told you that you are not worthy.


But, my love, they do not know YOU.

They do not know your worthiness is as unwavering and as true as the sun that rises every morning.

They do not know that your scars create a playful pattern of beauty that you wear proudly.

They do not know that you are limitless,

That you’ve written your own script.

That you will expand and shamelessly reach for the dreams that little girl creates because you can,

Because you are meant to be here.

Just the way you are.

You are worthy.


You are worthy of showing up in this life,

Of this self-love meditation

Of being seen, being heard and being respected.

You are worthy of great love, incredible friendships and financial abundance.

You are worthy of being a part of the conversation,

Worthy of creating the conversation.

You are worthy of a healthy body, a healthy mind and living the life you desire.

You are worthy of dreaming BIG for all of it, and absolutely worthy of receiving it all.

You are worthy.

You are worthy.

You are worthy.

Namaste, Beautiful