Self-Love Meditation Mini Series – You Are Enough

Today’s self-love meditation will remind you that there is nothing for you to prove, that you ARE enough.

I see you.

You’re driven, brilliant and loving.

And you feel pretty good about yourself,

Until that inner critic starts speaking to you,

Saying words you have heard her say many times.

I am not enough.

The voice shows up in many different ways.

When you compare yourself to others and feel less than.

The anxious feeling inside your belly that makes you feel like you have to keep up.

The feeling that you have to “live up” to the expectations you – or others – have for yourself.

A sinking feeling of wanting something so badly – true love, financial freedom, success, notoriety, the “perfect” body – and judging yourself for not having it yet.

You become an overachiever, pleaser, perhaps overtly successful,

Doing everything in your power to prove that voice wrong.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to remind you that there is nothing for you to prove.

That you ARE enough.

Not when you lose the weight.

Not when you become “successful.”

Not when you have the perfect love in your life.

Not when your kids are behaved.

Not when you get that promotion.


Just as you are.

You are enough.

So Let’s Begin…

self-love meditation


So go ahead and take that first deep, cleansing breath in.

Filling your lungs, your belly and your entire body with new air.

Take another deep breath in,

And when you get to the top of your in breath, hold it for 3 seconds,

And then release.

Last deep breath in,

Putting all your attention on the cool air flowing throughout your body…

Holding for 3 seconds at the top,

And then breathing it all out.

Return your breathing to its normal rhythm.

And just be here for a bit with this self-love meditation

Staying connected to that nice, easy cadence,

Breathing in,

Breathing out.


woman doing the self-love meditation
Photographer: Artem Kovalev | Source: Unsplash

Now as you sit here, focusing your attention on your breath,

Imagine that every time you breathe in, a bright, yellow light enters your body,

And fills you with the warmth of sunshine.

Breathe it in, this yellow light.

See it entering your nose,

Filling your lungs,

And softly illuminating your face.

Relaxing your eyes, cheeks and neck with its warmth.


With every breath in,

See this golden light travel down your arms,

Into your hands,

Your belly,

Your hips,

Your legs,

And your feet.


Breathe in this glorious, golden light,

Feeling its warmth and healing energy filling you with every single breath.

Calming you.

Illuminating you.

Centering you.


Now let this sunshine find any places within you where the whispers of not good enough have lived.

Perhaps on parts of your body, or pieces of your personality, or memories of past choices.

Take a moment to allow the golden light to find them.


Now that your attention has unearthed where these whispers of not good enough have lived,

Breathe in deeply,

And allow your golden light to heal,

To silence those whispers,

To repair and restore your truth.

You are enough.

You are enough.


You are a magical being of light.

A perfectly imperfect creation meant to be right here, right now.

And you are enough.

Namaste, Beautiful.