Sacred Dreaming Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation is a special one that invites you into the space of sacred dreaming.

Somewhere in the deep forest of your conscious life,

The trees begin to grow thick,

And the space between begins to open into the night.


Each step further confirms you are in the woods of sacred dreaming,

Where your deepest desires come out to play,

And your worries and fears dissolve away.


Here you can let go completely,

And wish freely upon the stars.

And you already know that whatever you wish,

Is already yours. 


So relax into your bed,

And breathe deep into the night,

And let your sacred dreaming,

Expand your inner light.

So Let’s Begin…


Breathe in,

And breathe out,

And engulf yourself in the waves of air,

Soothing you,

Calming you.


Breathe in,

And breathe out,

Riding the waves deeper inside of you,

And relaxing your body with every exhale.


The warmth of your inner light calls for expansion,

Calls for a place to express herself.

Free from the fears,

Free from the worries,

Free from the pain.


So into the rich forest of sacred dreaming you go,

Ready to remember the wholeness of your soul.

You’re ready to play,

You’re ready to expand,

You’re ready to make real what only your subconscious mind can dream.


So breathe…

And surrender, my dear

And take one more step into the promise of the night.

And one more.

And one more.


With each step forward through the forest of sacred dreams,

Let go of it all, as if you were shedding your clothing piece by piece with each step.

Let go of the day.

Let go of the millions of mental details.

Let go of the beliefs about what’s possible.

Let go of it all,

Releasing the pieces of your clothing behind you with every step deeper into the forest.


Until you realize,

That you are here.

Naked and free.

Light and calm.

Safe at home.

And free to dream.


Feel the soft, cool grass under your feet.

And thank the Earth for the cosmic energy she breathes up into you

As it warms you,

And connects you to Spirit.


You are here.

Free to dream.

Free to expand your soul beyond its known boundaries.

Free to be you.


Soon you’ll begin to question the space that exists between your sacred dreaming and your perceived reality.

Where does one end and the other begin?

Soon you’ll begin to see that there are no lines,

That there is only energy,

And Love,

Crossing over from dream to awake and back again,

Over and over,

In this endless, magical story of your life.


Soon, you will begin to see,

That your sacred dreaming is just as real as the bed you are cradled in,

Just as nourishing as the food you eat,

Just as cleansing as the showers you take.


All of it is for the expression of your soul.

And within the forest of sacred dreaming,

You dance,

You dream,

You are.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.

Katie Krimitsos