Rewrite‌ ‌What‌ ‌Is‌ ‌Possible‌

Today’s meditation will help you rewrite what is possible for you, so you can live an aligned life full of endless possibilities.

Rewrite‌ ‌What‌ ‌Is‌ ‌Possible‌ Meditation

They’ve tried to dictate what’s possible for you.

That your life should look like this.

Or that you’re too old, young, fat, thin, poor or loud for that.

Maybe you’ve even let these walls become the ones you reside in.

Perhaps you’ve even told yourself that certain things are off limits to you, are even impossible for you.

But my dear…your life is full of endless possibilities!

You are the author of your story.

And you have the power to rewrite what is possible for you.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the space to step back from those walls, those inherited expectations, those limiting stories, so you can simply sit in silence…and dream of what is possible for you.

So Let’s Begin…

Woman writing what is possible
Photographer: Doug Robichaud | Source: Unsplash

Rewrite What Is Possible Script

Let’s start by getting comfortable…either sitting or lying down.

Close your eyes and feel your attention automatically come inward.

Notice your chest rising and falling as your breath enters and leaves.

Notice where you might be feeling some discomfort or pain, and take a moment to adjust your body, releasing the tension so you can relax deeper into your body.


Become aware of your feet.

Feel them hum with warmth as you imagine them melting further into comfort.

Feel the warmth travel to your legs,

Weighing them down as you relax further.

And now your hips and stomach.

Feel them soften and sink deeper into comfort.

Feel into what is possible.

Feel as that warmth travels higher into your chest, your shoulders, your arms and hands.

And release them, letting them melt with calmness.

And now relax your neck,

Your jaw,

Your cheeks,

Your eyes,

Your forehead,

Feel them all fall further into relaxation.


Beam of light shining on woman
Photographer: Hassan OUAJBIR | Source: Unsplash

Now bring your attention to the crown of your head.

Notice that a bright, white light is glowing here,

Beaming its rays towards the sky.

This is the doorway to your possibilities.

This is where you can rewrite what is possible for you.


With your body in deep relaxation, notice the beautiful light beaming from the crown of your head.

Within it lies endless possibilities.

Within it lies everything that for the highest good.

Within it lies nothing but love and kindness and goodness.

It’s aligned.

It is a clean space from which you can create.

This is where your dreams come to play.

This is your space to rewrite what is possible.


Light beams in sky.
Photographer: Paul Green | Source: Unsplash

What do you see dancing in the light?

What dreams, visions or desires are beginning to take shape?

What’s been hidden in the shadows and is desperate to come out?

What’s unabashedly taking center stage?

What is possible for you?

For the next few minutes, the music will guide you as you allow yourself the space to play with all that is here for you.

If you find your mind wandering during the silence, that’s okay.

Simply bring your attention back to the rhythm of your breath,

And begin again.


Now bring your attention back to your breath,

And back to the rhythmic motion of your body.

Take a moment to notice any emotions that may be present for you.

Maybe excitement or inspiration.

Maybe even a little fear or confusion.

Whatever is there, simply recognize the emotions, and come back to light at the crown of your head.

This is where you rewrite what is possible for you.

This is where your story begins.

And here, anything is possible.

Namaste, Beautiful