Return to Gratitude Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you return to gratitude.

When you’ve been worrying too much,

When you’re consumed the details,

When the energy of fear is making your decisions…

Return to gratitude.

When you’re running through your days,

Just trying to keep up,

When you’re obsessed with what you don’t yet have,

Return to gratitude.

When the feelings of not enough start creeping in,

When you feel lonely,

When nothing seems to make any sense,

Return to gratitude.


Return to gratitude,

And watch everything shift.

Feel your energy move from scarcity to abundance.

Feel your attitude move from stressed to calm.

Feel your life move from scattered to deeply connected.

Return to gratitude,

And return to yourself.

So Let’s Begin…

woman raising both hands
Photographer: Alora Griffiths | Source: Unsplash


So breathe deeply,

And really feel the miracle of your breath,

The intake of oxygen fueling your life,

The releasing settling you here into this moment.


And let the fresh air circulate through your body.

Cleansing what’s dark inside,

And releasing it all out with every exhale.



Allow all those thoughts to pass you by,

As you return to yourself with every single breath.

And return to gratitude.


Gratitude for this breath.

Gratitude for your shelter.

Gratitude for your health.

Gratitude for your beautiful body.


Return to gratitude for those who love you,

For mother nature all around you,

For the sunshine and the rain,

And for all the experiences you’ve had that have brought you here today/


Fill yourself with gratitude for the mistakes you’ve made,

The lessons you’ve learned,

And the freedom to create your life.


Feel the gratitude overflow for the laughter,

The tears,

The anger,

The fears,

And the opportunities to feel it all.


And then let gratitude become one with you,

For the beautiful being that you are.


Return to gratitude, dear one,

And from this space, you will begin anew,

Released from the heaviness,

And alight with love.

Namaste, Beautiful