Restorative Sleep Meditation

This restorative sleep meditation will guide your body, mind and soul into deep sleep so your body can restore itself and can wake up feeling fresh, clear and ready to embrace a new day.

Restorative Sleep Meditation

The intention of today’s meditation is to guide your body, mind and soul into deep sleep so your body can restore itself and your mind can rest. And to infuse you with positivity, love and gratitude so you can wake up feeling fresh, clear and ready to embrace a new day.

Once the guided portion of the meditation has completed, the music will continue on for quite some time so you can be soothed throughout your sleep cycles.

So Let’s Begin…

I always wake before she does and this is what I first see in the morning.
Photographer: Gregory Pappas | Source: Unsplash


If they’re not already, close your eyes…

And bring your attention to your breath.

Just breathing at your normal rhythm.

Feeling your stomach rise and fall as you breathe in…and out.

Feeling the cool air on your nose as you breathe in…and the warm air on your nose as you breathe out.


Now take 3 deep breaths

Breathing in as deeply as you can…

And as you breathe out, loosen your muscles…

And relax your body deeper.

Another deep breath in…

And breathe out the stresses of the day, releasing them from your body

And last deep breath in, filling your belly all the way…

And breathe out the last of any tension you might be holding in your body

Now bring your breathing back to its normal rhythm

And just stay here for a bit.


Feel the weight of your body on your bed.

If you have any discomforts in your body, any kinks…

Go ahead and adjust your position or stretch yourself

So you can relax deeper into yourself.


Feel your body sink deeper into your bed

The weight of your arms, your hands, your legs, your feet, your back and your head falling deeper into comfort


If you find your attention going to outside noises or movements, simply pull your attention back onto your breath.

Maybe even saying silently to yourself, breathe in, when you breathe in.

And breathe out, when you breathe out.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

And relax into your breath


If you find yourself thinking…

About something that happened today

Or things you want to organize for tomorrow

Or maybe you’re recounting a recent memory that brings up anxiety for you

Or even thinking about something new and exciting…

Just take a second to notice those thoughts…

And then bring your attention back to your breath.

Breathe in…

And breathe out…


I want you to think of the best part of your day today

A moment that made you smile…or laugh…

Or a moment when you felt a rush of energy…

Or felt really proud of yourself

Maybe it was a moment when you felt peaceful…or free…or even deeply connected to someone.

Whatever it was…picture it in your mind.

And feel the edges of your mouth curve into a slight smile as you breathe in the goodness of this moment.

Sit in that feeling…

And say a silent thank you for this moment

Feel the gratitude wash over you

Rooting yourself in gratitude invites in more of what you desire


At the end of the day,

When all the activities have ended,

All your responsibilities are paused

And your body is tired,

It’s time to be here…

To surrender to the realm of sleep that is waiting to comfort you, restore you…

So you can thrive when you wake up.

So you can be refreshed

So you can shine


I want you to imagine a ball of light in the center of your body,

A small sphere glowing with a soft yellow light

Like a miniature sun inside your belly, beaming its rays outward

Everytime you breathe in, see the warm rays of yellow light traveling throughout your body, expanding your light with every breath.

See this yellow glow travel to your chest, your heart, your shoulders, neck, face, and the crown of your head.

Breathe in and see the yellow light gravel down your arms and through your fingers

Breathe in again and see the yellow glowing light travel down into your gut, your reproductive system, your hips, thighs, legs, feet and toes.


And when your entire body is filled with the yellow light from your glowing sphere, feel it warming you with every breath in, just as a fire enlivens with every breath of oxygen.

Let the warmth of your glow ease you into deeper sleep.


You glow, beautiful.

This is your natural state of being.

This is your true self.

A beautiful, glowing being of light.

Separate from the happenings of the day

Separate from your responsibilities

Separate from your thoughts

Even separate from all your loved ones in your life.

You are a glowing being of love.

And you’re here in this moment with me

To renew yourself in sleep

So you can wake up tomorrow

Beaming from the inside out

Ready and excited to live

Grateful for the privilege of another day

Another day to love

Another day to be loved

Another day to connect

Another day to try new things, make mistakes, learn and evolve.

What a gift!

And it’s all yours when you wake up

So surrender to the luxurious waves of sleep, my dear

And the privilege of another day is yours…

Sweet dreams, beautiful…