Relieve Your Chronic Pain

Relieve your chronic pain with this powerful meditation.

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Relieve Your Chronic Pain Meditation

The intention of today’s meditation is to give you relief from your chronic pain.

The pain you know so well.

It hurts. Sometimes it’s debilitating. Sometimes tolerable.

But it’s always here.

So today, you’re going to use your breath and visualization to invite in soothing relief from your chronic pain.

woman  wants to relieve your chronic pain meditation
Relieve Your Chronic Pain Meditation

Relieve Your Chronic Pain Meditation Script

So Let’s Begin…

Close your eyes and get into a comfortable position.

Sitting any way you like, or lying down.

Your position doesn’t matter…as long as you are comfortable and alert.

Naturally when your eyes close, your attention comes inward,

And you may notice any twinges of pain or discomfort in your body.

Take a second to shift or adjust yourself,

And then let yourself fall into deeper relaxation in your body.


Find your breath.

Feel as your body moves automatically with your breath.

Your chest rising as you breathe in,

Falling when you breathe out.

Feel as your inhale invites in,

And your exhale releases out.

And just stay here for a bit…being present with the melody of your breathing.


Now take a moment to locate your pain.

Maybe it resides in your head

Or your neck,

Or shoulders,



Feet or hands.

Just see it,

Without judgement, without a desperate wish it weren’t there.

Just acknowledge that it’s there.

woman locating wanting to relieve her chronic pain
Photographer: Cristian Newman | Source: Unsplash


Now take a deep breath in, and as you do, invite in healing into this area,

Believing that it can be healed,

Believing the pain can be relieved.

And exhale out.

Now, I’m going to guide you through five deep breaths, and with each inhale, I want you to imagine your area of pain healing itself.

If you have any pain along your spine, for example, you might visualize your spine lengthening and correcting, relieving the pressure it’s putting on your back or neck or hips.

If you’re having pain in any of your muscles, you might visualize your muscles softening and relaxing.

If you’re having pain in any joints, you might imagine your joints strengthening and lengthening, releasing the pain.

Whatever you visualize during these breathes is just fine…as long as you can see your body healing itself.

So let’s begin with our deep breaths.

One…take a deep breath in, seeing your body lengthen and strengthen itself,

And exhale all the way out.

Two…another deep breath in, inviting in more space and healing to replace your pain.

And release as you breathe out.

Three…deep breath in, deepening your vision, seeing your body correct itself.

And breathing out.

Four…another deep breath in, healing energy flooding your body as it softens and relaxes.

And exhale it out.

And last deep breath in, seeing the vision of your healing body, seeing more space, more light, more relief.

And breathe it all out.

And bring your breath back to its regular rhythm.

women breathing in relief from her chronic pain
Photographer: Eli DeFaria | Source: Unsplash


Take a moment to scan your body, welcoming the soft hum that comes when we flood ourselves with our healing breath.

If there’s any pain still remaining, just breathe it out with your exhale, releasing it from your body.


Now, slowly start to wiggle your fingers, and your toes as you come out of your meditation.

Bring your hands to your heart, grateful for these moments of the most exquisite self-love, grateful for this time to relieve the pain that you’ve been carrying. Grateful especially for this moment…this day, and all the blessings it holds.

Namaste, Beautiful